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Saturday, July 30 2016 @ 09:38 PM EDT
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PBA Local 186 Cocktail Party and Valor Awards at Seasons

PBA Local 186 Cocktail Party and Valor Awards My friend Jim Teehan sent me an e-mail inviting me to cover the PBA Honor Awards Dinner, one of their few funds solicitations. Jumping at the chance to give credit due, www.ParamusPost.com attended. Walking into Seasons, the first people I met were Police Chief Richard Cary and Barbara, his wife. Rick is also a fellow Rotarian serving as Director of Community Service.

From there it was like old home week seeing Det. Lt. Rob Wright, Captains Kevin Smith and Jim Sheehan, Det. Lt. Bob (Edward G. Robinson) Guidetti, Det. Jim Teehan and Rob von Schalscha, Sgt. Norm Bizek, Ret. Chief Fred Corrubia and his wife, Brian McGovern, Sean Benson, Rich and Margaret Abbamont, Rich and Mary Ann Siniscalchi, BoE Trustee Frank Straka and Carol, his wife, just to name a few of the many attendees.

PBA Local 186 Cocktail Party and Valor Awards - 2 Chief Cary stood up front greeting honorees and giving them their valor awards assisted by PBA president John Toohey and von Schalscha. Those honored were: Paramus Police Officers Keith Bland. Frank Piserchia, David Betancourt, Detectives Frank Scott and Kevin Delaney, Bob Guidetti, Lt. Phil Bellomo, Sgt. Kurt Massey, Det. Richard Menhinick, Sgts. Brian Niland and Randy Kremer, PO Keith Bland, Douglas Ehrenberg, Lt. Brian Goggin, PO Brian McGovern and Michael Cebulski, PO Robert Brack, Greg Hooper, Donald McNair, Norman Gin, Keith Dimascio, Jeff Lattanzi, Brian Linden, Michael Kelly, Det. John Damato, PO Elliot Colon, Kevin Madden. Dimitry Mazur, Ralph DeGroat, Salvatore Consentino, Doug Ohlendorf and James Gorley.

Honored for thirty years of service were: Captain Kevin Smith and Lt. Brian Goggin. Honored for twenty five years of civilian service were: Sean Benson and Jeff Blank.

Music was supplied by Steve brown of Trixter with a debut accompaniment on the guitar by that one and only PBA Vice President, Rob von Schalscha. Rob received a standing ovation, Lt. Rob Wright videoed his entire performance, a performance to remember!
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