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Sunday, July 24 2016 @ 06:33 AM EDT
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Harold's NY Deli Is The Scene Of Paramus Sunrise Jewish International Dinner

Harold's NY Deli in Lyndhurst The Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club has been holding International Dinners since its inception. Each dinner goes along with a theme. In the past, there have been Indian, Dominican Republic, England and Italian among others. This dinner theme was Jewish and Harold's NY Deli in Lyndhurst was the chosen spot. Where possible, a private room is requested to add to the conviviality.

Denise Murray, a former Paramus resident, arranged the dinner at Harold's, part of the Quality Motel which she owns with her brother. She set up a menu to agree with the amount the club wanted to spend including vegetarian dishes and even gave a private room with a notice saying that it was reserved for Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club.

If anyone has been to Harold's, they will note that the portions are humongous and added to that is a pickle bar that is available for many visits. One of the dishes offered was a 19 once corned beef sandwich and the same for a Hot Pastrami. Those that ordered the brisket joined the group that could not eat everything on their plate and almost all of the diners took home a doggy bag.

Having a private room added to the enjoyment of the group. They were able to converse and join in the revelry. The wait staff was very efficient and catered to our every nuance.

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