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Saturday, July 30 2016 @ 01:22 AM EDT
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To Infiniti and Beyond! - A look at Infiniti's New LE Concept

Infiniti LE Concept
April 5- Press day at the Jacob Javits Center is quiet and generally devoid of crowds, so when I say Infiniti really attracted a crowd today, it was really quite noticeable.  

What was more noticeable was the impending count down promising Infiniti's newest and greatest creation.  Imagine this, a zero emission all electric four door sedan, a splash of luxury, and a touch of elegance.  This is what you get with the new LE concept. The excitement was palpable and its unveiling was glamorous.  Videos and more about the LE concept below.

Nissan's first electronic attempt, the Leaf was a small compact with much to be desired.   This concept is quite the opposite.  The car is encrusted in what seems like calcified jewels surrounding the Infiniti badge.  It's expressions are bold and there are glowing blue LEDs about to prove its contribution to reducing emissions.

Infiniti have equipped the LE concept with 240lb-ft of torque and a quick charge system to boot.  The smooth and comfortable ride is enhanced by the use of the battery to stiffen up the frame of the car.  The knock out feature for me is that it includes a home base that allows wireless charging of the car!  Plug in EV's are a hassle because of the extra "plugging in" step.  To make this car even cooler, Infiniti say the car can park itself for you so that the base of the charger is optimally placed.

As a young professional, I can say that the world of zero emission vehicles is still out of reach for the low end of cars.  However, Infiniti have brought to the table a game change, and perhaps even a bench mark full of features that all future tech cars should have.

Watch the palpable unveiling of the new LE concept in the video below.  

Check in on ParamusPost.com tomorrow night for my "Guide to the NY auto show" where I talk about the highlights worth seeing.


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