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The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Monday, March 25 2019 @ 06:30 PM EDT
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Monday, March 25 2019 @ 06:30 PM EDT
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine

Forget Food Network, Hello ifood.tv

ifood.tv is the premier destination for food and recipe video content with over 4 million unique visitors a month, 350,000 videos and more than 250,000 recipes from over 600 content partners.

ifood.tv has debuted the launch of its iPhone app, Recipe TV & Food Diary by ifood.tv, on the Android Market. The app helps home-chefs better plan and prepare their meals by enabling them to learn and cook from the comfort of their kitchen at any time that suits them. Through the free new ifood.tv app, users have access to an extensive on-demand library that can be used to discover recipes for any meal or occasion. The entire catalogue is organized in easy-to-navigate categories based on course, cuisine, ingredient, vegetarian, healthiness, flavor, etc. and can be either browsed or searched. In addition, the app features editor-selected daily specials and seasonal content. The app also comes with smart recommendation technology that builds a taste profile for users based on their browsing history and recommends great recipes matching to their taste.
"You don’t need to run between your living room and kitchen anymore, trying to copy the cooking shows on TV,” says Alok Ranjan, Founder & CEO of iFood.tv. “Your phone is all you need to create delicious dishes at any time."

Ifood.tv also announces its debut into the Connected TV space. It is now available on Roku, Boxee, Google TV and the Yahoo Widget. There is also a TV-browser friendly URL: iptv.ifood.tv. ifood.tv’s move into the Connected TV space fills a huge content vacuum that exists on TV today for useful culinary content, and provides consumers a smarter alternative to the cooking channels available through cable subscriptions. They are releasing smaller, niche apps directed at specific cuisines, like Italian Food by ifood.tv or iwine.tv, which specializes in and educates about different wines around the world.

What makes ifood.tv different than other food related sites is:

- Focus on Videos. While many websites feature text-based recipes, ifood.tv is primarily focused on videos, making them the heart and soul of the site. ifood.tv believes that video is the most effective learning format for cooking content as it allows users to see the technique and preparation. For those that find it helpful to have written instructions, the videos also come with a text-based list of ingredients and directions.

- Quality and quantity of content. ifood.tv has built the world’s biggest online library of 35,000 quality cooking videos sourcing content from over 600 partners – professional chefs , TV shows, cookbook authors, food companies, and an in-house team of editors. The ifood.tv Connected TV apps not only make cooking easier but they also offer cooking shows to anyone who may not have access to cooking channels through their cable subscription.

- Vibrant community. ifood.tv allows users to share recipes, swap stories, provide resources and just share in an overall love of food with one another. Users can even interact with the author of the recipe, ask questions and seek clarification. Very soon these features will be available on the Connected TV apps too.

- Diversity of Content. While most recipe sites have focused on catering to the needs of average America, ifood.tv has built a huge library of recipe videos that not only includes popular American foods but also meets the needs of ethnic communities such as Jewish, Mexican, Indian, Chinese etc., as well as special-interest groups such as Diabetic, Vegan, Raw Food, Pregnant, Kids-friendly food etc. Why watch TV content produced for the mass market when you can watch a food channel personalized for your taste and needs?

- Smart Recommendation technology. ifood.tv can recommend food that matches with a viewer’s taste by leveraging its big data analytics technology and semantic culinary knowledge base of over one million ingredients and dishes. For example, if a viewer watches several recipes with cheese and broccoli origination from Italy, the app will start suggesting the viewer Italian dishes and dishes made from cheese and broccoli.

Recipe TV & Food Diary – ifood.tv is a free app and be downloaded from:
 Android Market

About ifood.tv
Launched in 2007, ifood.tv is owned and operated by Future Today Inc, a C corp. (Delaware). Headquartered in Menlo Park, CA, and New York, NY, with offshore offices in India, ifood.tv is the premier destination for food and recipe-related video content on the web. Founders, Alok Ranjan and Vikrant Mathur, both are Engineer-MBA and have backgrounds in product management and business strategy. The ifood.tv culinary team includes Chef Hari, Culinary Consultant to Sodexho USA and Whole Foods, and Chef Vibs, Executive Chef at Marriott.
Within a short period of time, ifood.tv has grown to be the most trafficked website in the food video space. As of March, 2012, ifood.tv has reached its peak number of monthly visitors at almost 4.5 million (See site traffic at http://www.quantcast.com/ifood.tv) . In addition, the company has helped Fortune 500 brands such as Kraft, Mercedes, L’Oreal, General Mills and American Express connect with their audience. Growing networks of websites are syndicating ifood.tv’s video content and the company has also helped promote cookbooks and food products.

On ifood.tv, you can:
• Learn about foods through the largest Culinary Encyclopedia.
• Get helpful tips and information from over 20,000 blogs and how-to guides.
• Find other users with similar tastes through the Tastemates feature.
• Browse thousands of food photos and galleries.
• Seek answers to burning questions in the Q&A section.


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