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Sunday, April 20, 2014, 04:34 AM EDT
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Hundreds Participated in Rebuild Wisconsin to Get Out the Vote to Recall Scott Walker

Hosted by Van Jones and Rebuild the Dream, Congresswoman Gwen Moore, We are Wisconsin, SEIU, Wisconsin Jobs Now, League of Pissed Off Voters, Citizen Action of Wisconsin. Performances by Jasiri X and Grace Weber

 The grassroots campaign to recall Governor Scott Walker got a boost of momentum, 17 days before the election. Today in Milwaukee hundreds gathered at Rebuild Wisconsin, a cultural, political, grassroots, community-based festival featuring performances by renowned hip-hop artist and activist, Jasiri X, acclaimed singer-songwriter and Milwaukee Native, Grace Weber, as well as talented local artists, musicians, poets, and community leaders. Author, activist and former Obama advisor Van Jones was a keynote speaker, as well as Congresswoman Gwen Moore.
Rebuild the Dream capped off the festival leading GOTV, Voter Protection, get-out-the-vote and nonviolent direct action trainings. Rebuild the Dream and its partners, We Are Wisconsin, SEIU, Wisconsin Jobs Now, the League of Pissed of Voters, and Citizen Action of Wisconsin came together today to call loudly to “recall Walker, re-fund Wisconsin, and rebuild the dream.”
The show began with a welcome by hip-hop artist Doc B and a prayer by Rev. Willie Brisco. A talent showcase featuring dozens of local performers with DJ Willie Shakes followed. Milwaukee native Grace Weber then performed for the audience; her performance framed testimony from community leaders on issues of importance to Wisconsin. Community leaders then led workshop trainings, while comedian Lee Camp kept spirits high.
Excited to return to her home city, Weber said, “I grew up in Wisconsin and I love my state. I love the growing music scene, the beautiful architecture of downtown Milwaukee, and the incredible lakes, rivers, and forests that I find refuge in when I get to come home. Most of all though, I love the people of Wisconsin. I believe it’s time for Wisconsin to have a new leader in office and that's why we should recall Scott Walker and rebuild Wisconsin.”
Van Jones, co-founder and President of Rebuild the Dream, addressed the crowded park. Jones said, "Wisconsin is the biggest fight in the country. And Milwaukee is the biggest city in Wisconsin. That's why we're here. This is ground zero in the fight to save the American Dream. We must stop these dream killers from wrecking our economy and selling our democracy to the highest bidder."
Jones introduced Congresswoman Gwen Moore, who said, “During Scott Walker’s tenure as governor of the state of Wisconsin he has turned our American Dream into a nightmare. That’s why we have come together today to reclaim that dream by telling Scott Walker to ‘Hit the road and don’t come back no more.’”
Free Speech TV provided live coverage of the event at http://rebuildrevivals.org/wi-livestream. Executive Director of Free Speech TV, Don Rojas, said, “"FSTV is delighted to partner with Rebuild the Dream in bringing live TV and Web coverage of this Rebuild Wisconsin event to millions of households across the USA and the world.”
In addition, acclaimed hip-hop artist Jasiri X debuted, "You're Fired," a new song dedicated to Governor Walker before a live audience. He said of the song, “I was in Madison, Wisconsin when the citizens took over the statehouse and it was one of the most amazing events I've witnessed. I'm honored to add my voice to this historic campaign to recall Scott Walker and rebuild Wisconsin.” Jasiri X will release a remix of the video with live footage from the event shot by videographer, Paradise.

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