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Thursday, July 28 2016 @ 06:17 PM EDT
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USA Today Magazine Features The Secret Mormon Temple Ceremonies (Romney & Wife Have Made

USA Today Magazine features the Secret Mormon Temple Ceremonies (Romney & Wife have made "suffer their lives to death" oaths to the Mormon Church) in the July Issue. A 2000 word excerpt from chapter 4 of the (Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters?) book, "Mitt's Secretive Oaths, Allegiance, Covenants, Pledges to Death Penalties, and Commitments to the Mormon church--And Its Bizarre Temple Rituals and Beliefs", starting on page 43 of the book, is featured in USA Today Magazine.

The author of the book, Tricia Erickson, has been through the same secret Mormon Temple Ceremonies, as a young bride at the age of 19, that Mitt and Ann Romney participated in. She reports that the rituals were mind controlling and threatening as she followed the symbolic signs to slit her throat, her guts, pull her tongue from her mouth, rip her heart out of her chest, and repeated the words “suffer my life to death”, after every action, if we broke any of the covenants to the Mormon Church. Mitt and Ann Romney do NOT have the choice, as prominent members of the Mormon Church, to put country first. The Mormon Religion, the Mormon Prophets and the Book of Mormon have to be adhered to first, before anything else in their lives. Mitt and Anne’s very exaltation to Mormon Godhood depends on it.
You see, the Romney’s goals go much further into the future then just what they can accomplish on earth. The more important goal, even over the Office Of the Presidency, is to become literal Gods and be given their own planet to Lord over and to populate it with spirit children. This is the ultimate “for time and all eternity” goal.
While the country is perplexed at the only two choices we have to vote for as our next President, most of its citizens would rather not vote for either one of these candidates. Americans feel helpless to save our country due to these two dire choices and have resigned themselves to vote for who they think will be the lesser of the two evils. However, both men, when you look at their records, their history and their allegiances, are very much the same people.
Many are taking Charles Spurgeon's advice, “Of the two evils, choose neither”.
Can American Voters Have Confidence In Romney To Put country First?: http://www.theconservativepundit.net/?m=201112&paged=2

Book: Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters? The Mormon Church Versus The Office Of The Presidency of the United States of America
Conservative Political Commentator Tricia Erickson released an in-epth expose' into the political, personal and religious life of Presidential hopefull Mitt Romney. And she's holding no punches.
Part I: "While he attempts to portray Mormonism as just another Christian Religion, Mitt Romney counts on his skills to shift our attention away from what he truly believes. If the American people knew what he truly believed, they would surely not place him in the highest office in the land."
Mitt Romney Truly Believes:
• He will become a "god" in the afterlife (equal to Jesus Christ)
• Satan is Jesus' literal brother
• Jesus was NOT born of a virgin birth
• Mitt will be given his own afterlife kingdom where he will call his wife, Ann, into, in order to have relations to populate his kingdom with spirit children
• Mitt believes in a religion that's history is full of racism against Black Americans, Native Americans, Jews and more
• There is a Mormon Plan For America
• More…..
Part II: How can a candidate with an extreme progressive record run as a Republican? This book demonstrates Mitt's liberal record to the point that it boggles the mind that any Republican, Conservative or Christian could vote for him.
• He “fathered” Gay Marriage to America, yet now proclaims to be “for” marriage between one man and one woman.
• Mitt also “fathered” Government Mandated Healthcare to America in which he signed-in-to-law $50.00 co-pay tax funded abortions as a part of a “healthcare benefit” (now the co-pay to kill babies under RomneyCare is $0.00). So if you are a Massachusetts resident, your tax dollars pay for abortions-on-demand.
• Was for abortion and stem cell research before he was against it. He was pro-choice in 1994, 2002, 2005 and was pro-life in 2001, 2004 and 2006 - then funded abortion in the same year.
• Good Economist? Think again. He refused to sign a no-new-taxes-pledge while running for governor. Under Romney, MA was in the BOTTOM THREE OF THE NATION FOR JOB CREATION! Mitt also raised taxes and fees seven times…more in the book.
• Olympics: Romney siphoned an estimated $1.5 billion out of the US Treasury, all in the name of the Olympics. This siphoning expanded to more money than all of the US Olympic games put together.
• Appointed liberal-progressive judges (record is in the book)
About the author:
Former Mormon Bishop’s Daughter and Political Commentator Reveals Real Story on Mitt Romney!
Tricia Erickson, (a Conservative) was the first Damage Control/Crisis Management Specialist in the country, as stated by Barbara Walters on the show "20/20". Tricia is also a political consultant and on-air contributor. She has opined on many local and national news and entertainment TV and radio shows/networks. She is also the author of the book “Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters? The Mormon Church Versus The Office Of The Presidency of the United States of America.”
Because for the first time in history, a prominent Mormon could achieve the Office Of The Presidency, Tricia feels a responsibility to educate the public, both in the US and abroad, regarding what this potential Mormon President could truly mean for America. She is an expert on the well-masked cult of Mormonism and a former Mormon Bishop’s daughter who left the church in her mid 20’s.
From a political stand point, she believes it is imperative to reveal the facts on Romney’s appalling political record in opposition to what the GOP and the Romney camp shifts the voters to believe, in order to achieve the Presidency.
We have by now experienced with the current President what smooth words and entertainment imagery, as opposed to substance, can bring to the highest office in the land. Now, the GOP has served up this front-runner liberal candidate who has no problem with misrepresenting his own record for the reason of political expediency. The truth be known, there is not much difference between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Their policies and records are very much alike. Flip a coin!
Side note: Some of the issues Tricia has been called to speak to in the past are the dangers of Radical Islam, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Mormonism, all things political, the imaging-posturing-positioning of Presidential Candidates, the culture wars and more. Her companies: Crisis Management, Incorporated (crisis management and communications) http://crisismanagementincorporated.com/and Angel Pictures & Publicity (a political and entertainment publicity and consulting company) http://angelpicturesandpublicity.com/.

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