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Saturday, July 30 2016 @ 09:00 AM EDT
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God…P.S. You’ve Made a Mistake!

New book inspires others to overcome doubt and trust God’s will
Maria Erwin Duncan has overcome sickness, poverty, physical and emotional abuse, on top of many other trials throughout her life. She reveals her story in her new book, God Do You Know What You Are Doing: PS You’ve Made a Mistake!

n the book, Erwin Duncan tells about the times when circumstances threatened to overwhelm her trust in God. The book came to fruition when Erwin Duncan’s daughter, and co-author, Kasandra, found her mother’s diaries and persuaded her to tell her life story.
“People would encourage me to write a book when they heard my personal testimony,” Erwin Duncan says. “I started to write, but then my husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor and I was left with a new baby girl. Kasandra’s encouragement was all that I needed in order to finally finish the book.”
The book tells of Erwin Duncan’s life, from surviving malaria, typhoons and abuse to her husband’s grievous battle with cancer. Even her own daughter was an unexpected surprise because she was conceived after Erwin Duncan underwent a tubectomy and her husband underwent a vasectomy.
The goal of the book, Erwin Duncan says, is to help readers understand that all of God’s unexpected hurdles aren’t insurmountable-- they’re gifts in disguise.
“My little girl has been used by the Lord to touch so many lives, including my own,” Erwin Duncan says. “I hope readers understand that doubting God is not wrong. Over time they will learn the lesson that I did, which is that my greatest source of strength comes from relying on Him.”
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God, Do You Know What You Are Doing: PS You’ve Made a Mistake
By Maria Erwin Duncan and Kasandra Erwin
ISBN: 978-1-44976-897-3
Available in hardcover, softcover and e-book formats
About the author
Maria Erwin Duncan was born and raised in the Philippines. She currently lives in Grand Prairie, Texas, with her husband, Gerry, daughter, Kasandra, and their family cat, Jonas.
Kasandra Erwin is the co-author of God, Do You Know What You Are Doing: P.S. You’ve Made a Mistake! At 17, she is Maria’s youngest daughter. She currently lives at home with her parents in Grand Prairie, Texas.

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