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Sunday, May 29 2016 @ 06:59 PM EDT
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CWA to Capital Child Care: “Happy Strikesgiving”

Communications Workers of America (CWA) 1039 today call for a strike vote for Capital Child Care workers. The strike vote is scheduled for Wednesday, November 21, 2012, from 12 noon to 2 pm, at the CWA Local 1039 Offices.

Capital Child Care, 16 West Front Street, Trenton, NJ employs approximately 30 child care workers who daily care for approximately 150 children, ages infant to toddler. They are the children of hard working, union, State employee families.
Capital Child Care workers voted in Summer 2012 to join CWA Local 1039, after suffering with low wages, no benefits, and reportedly unfair management practices.
“The owners of Capital Child Care continue to pay substandard wages far below industry standard for the area,” stated Lionel Leach, President of CWA Local 1039. “Our workers provide first class care for our children of hard working families and they deserved to be treated justly. Workers slinging burgers at fast food restaurants are treated better than these women who care for our children,” he added.
CWA Local 1039 today released this Letter to Parents of Capital Child Care children:
Dear Parents,


While you gather around the Thanksgiving table to enjoy family and friends, and a joyous meal, know that Sibte Kazmi, is already acting like the Christmas character Ebenezeer Scrooge.

Sibte Kazmi, who owns Capital Child Care, Trenton NJ, thinks his hard working female employees are worth only eight cents. That’s right only 8 CENTS per hour!

• That’s the wage increase he proposes to give approximately 30 hard working, CWA union members, who care for, feed, nurture, and yes, change diapers for children at his business, Capital Child Care.

• That’s the wage increase he proposes to give to these hard working women, whom he currently pays barely over minimum wage and provides NO benefits.

• In fact this year, he reportedly took deductions from their meager paychecks for benefits he didn’t even provide!

He refuses to give them a fair contract, including a fair wage. All this, while he reaps thousands of dollars in government day care tax dollar payments and thousands in day care fees from parents.

So call Sibte Kazmi (609) 503-8000 and email him at capitalchildcare@gmail.com and tell him this is just plain wrong!

Wish him a Happy Strikesgiving – because that’s where these hard working women will be – ON STRIKE.

On Strike, until Kazmi realizes that every hard working woman and mother is worth more than eight cents. Our mothers, our wives, and our daughters certainly are!
The Communications Workers of America understands the importance of Child Care to hardworking families. We too are mothers and fathers who balance both family and work responsibilities. That is why, during this strike, CWA is pleased to offer FREE CHILD CARE just across the street from Capital Child Care, provided by the same hard working women who care for your children every day.
Send Kazmi a message: “I am a working parent too, and I believe my child is worth more than eight cents!”

This message brought to you by the hard working families of CWA Local 1039.

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