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Saturday, April 19, 2014, 05:29 AM EDT
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A Brief Tour Of Paramus At Night

Paramus At Night www.ParamusPost.com did a drive around a small section of Paramus taking in all the holiday decorations. This year appears to have less than the usual amount of Christmas displays. It could be because some houses went dark in order to honor and respect the residents of Newtown, Connecticut. It could be because the economy is uncertain. It could be because of the cost of holiday decorations and the electricity needed to power them.

It seemed that certain areas were more deeply engrossed in decorative displays than others. Perhaps a neighborhood rivalry, but where it existed, the scenes were beautiful. Some houses decorated according to the structure of their home, some had an elaborate display of lights, some had some gorgeous animal scenes while others adhered to the Nativity. All in all, it is worth a trip to ooh and aah about the homes that are decorated.

Our Paramus Borough Hall and surrounding area is well decorated and the Police Memorial Park is a memorable visiting place. Perhaps, in future years, the town will be able to have residents submit their names and addresses for a committee to visit and to judge the abodes for the efforts that were exerted. One home, in particular, had a beautiful outdoor display and their front door was open!

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