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Thursday, September 29 2016 @ 09:34 AM EDT

Courage Campaign: NRA is Crazy

The National Rifle Association (NRA) just finished its big press conference, and it made me want to throw up. Wayne LaPierre, their head honcho, announced they're going to fight any attempt at real gun control. They want MORE guns in our classrooms. Obscene. And to top it off, the NRA also announced it has gained 8,000 new members per day since the shooting. That's 56,000 in one week, on top of their 4.3 million members.

Eddie, here's our first request of you as a citizen co-sponsor: help us grow as fast as the NRA.

As Sen. Feinstein said, to pass a new assault weapons ban "we need a mass movement that can make calls, write letters, and mobilize your fellow citizens at a moment’s notice if we’re going to win this battle." Right now, we have about 33,000 people on board, but to compete with the NRA crazies we need many more. Hundreds of thousands.

If you forward the email below to 5 friends, we can get there. You surely know others who are hungry to take real, meaningful action to get weapons of war off our streets.

Just forward Sen. Feinstein's email below. Or click here to use Facebook, Twitter, or our email tool.

Enough is enough.

Rick Jacobs, Chair and Founder Courage Campaign PS - If you can't recruit others to join, please click here to chip in a few dollars and support the campaign. Every penny makes it more likely we will pass this bill.
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Will you join me as a citizen co-sponsor of my new bill banning assault weapons?

Enough is enough. Of the 11 deadliest shootings in American history, five have happened since 2007.¹ My heart breaks for the grieving families in Newtown and across the country. They deserve our deepest condolences, but also our determined action to end these atrocities.

I sponsored the original ban on assault weapons back in 1994 -- which expired in 2004 -- and last weekend I announced that I will introduce legislation to renew the ban on the first day of the new Congress.

I would be honored if you would join me as a citizen co-sponsor of the new bill. Will you?

I was heartened when Rick told me that more than 11,000 of you share my vision and have already expressed support for a similar approach. Please take the next step and join me as a citizen co-sponsor so we can work together.

Look, Eddie, I don’t take these things lightly. As I survey the field, I know I will need your help as I mount this campaign. We need a mass movement that can make calls, write letters, and mobilize your fellow citizens at a moment’s notice if we’re going to win this battle.

Join me as a citizen co-sponsor.

My new bill will ban the sale, transfer, and importation of assault weapons, and it will do the same to big clips, drums or strips of more than 10 bullets. I've been working to take my original bill from 1994 and perfect it. I think this new bill will be even more effective.
Our argument is simple. Civilians do not need assault weapons. The only members of society who do are soldiers and highly trained law enforcement. Otherwise, they have only one use: mass murder. I know the gun lobby will do all they can to stop this bill, but I was reelected to the Senate because I stand on principle. I’m not afraid of a fight. And neither is President Obama, who just reiterated his support for renewing the assault weapons ban.

Are you with us? If so, we can ban assault weapons, and this time, make it stick.

Standing with you, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)

1. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2012/12/14/nine-facts-about-guns-and-mass-shootings-in-the-united-states/  

by Mel Fabrikant

Mel is a longtime Paramus resident and has belonged to many Paramus organizations. He is responsible for bringing the Scholarship Show to town and seeing to it that the initial presentation went over well. His five offspring were brought up through the Paramus school system. In addition, he is a longtime Paramus Rotary member.

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