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Tuesday, July 26 2016 @ 10:05 AM EDT
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Westfield Garden State Plaza Shopping Center Plays Santa To Two Needy Charities

Westfield Garden State Plaza Deb Mattes, Senior General Manager of the Westfield Garden State Plaza Shopping Center along with Assistant General Manager Ashton Simmons and Marketing Director Greg Udchitz presented two checks, one to the American Red Cross and one to the Paramus Friendly Neighbors. On hand to receive her $25,000.00 check for the Red Cross was MaryAnn Maikisch and for the Paramus Friendly Neighbors check for $20,000.00 was Irene Maury who also maintains the Human Services section of the Board of Health.

Maury brought along a group of volunteers who have helped her at the Human Services building where she runs a one person office. These people have helped assort clothing and food, a major part of the physical workload at the Human Services building. She felt that they should be a part of the beneficence that Westfield bestowed and fulfilled a dire need.

Deb Mattes, a member of the Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club, was reminded of Maury's needs when her club held a successful crumb cake sale. That sale will also benefit the Paramus Friendly Neighbors by giving a donation in the neighborhood of $1,200.00. The donation will be given in the beginning of the new year.

Accompanying Irene Maury down the corridor of the Garden State Shopping Center was interesting. Irene was clutching the huge photo-op check closely while hurrying to get to the bank. She didn't want to take any chance of losing that $20,000.00 check.

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