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Sunday, July 24 2016 @ 08:47 AM EDT
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TOFURKY Chorizo Wins peta2 Best Vegan Meat Award

Tofurky, a global leader in plant based proteins, today announced that its Tofurky Chorizo has won the prestigious peta2 (PETA’s youth division) Libby Awards for Best Vegan Meat.
Tofurky Chorizo, made with organic soy, is a high protein delicious alternative to its meat counterpart and contains no artery clogging cholesterol. Perfect for enchiladas, tacos, casserole filling or mixed in with breakfast potatoes, Tofurky Chorizo is a healthful and flavorful addition to numerous dishes.

Seth Tibbott, founder and president of Tofurky states: “Tofurky Chorizo has been skyrocketing up our sales charts since if was first introduced in April 2012. Customers love the taste, texture and the fact that it is made with Non-GMO, organic soybeans!”
PETA Youth Marketing Manager Emily Rodriguez states: “Tofurky isn’t just for vegans anymore! Meat eaters looking for a more healthful and humane lifestyle are gobbling up the tasty vegan meats more than ever before. Whether it’s for your health, climate change, or the daily suffering of billions of animals, with the abundance of delicious vegan choices now available, like Tofurky chorizo, there’s never been a better time to switch to a kinder, gentler, healthier diet.”
Turtle Island also produces a variety of everyday Tofurky products including deli slices, gourmet sausages and a new line of vegan pizzas which can be found at over 12,000 natural food and grocery stores throughout the US and Canada. It is the largest producer of refrigerated Deli slices and sausages in the world, according to industry sales reports. To keep up with this demand the company is nearing completion of a new LEED Certified, environmentally efficient Tofurky factory in Hood River, Oregon which will come on line in the spring of 2013.

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