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Thursday, July 28 2016 @ 08:07 PM EDT
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7,000 Join Forecast The Facts to Demand Congress Pass Disaster Relief

Grassroots climate activists from across the nation are calling on Congress to pass long delayed federal aid for the survivors of Superstorm Sandy. Pressured by carbon billionaire David Koch and his Tea Party allies, House Speaker John Boehner has delayed relief for months, creating a shameful period of uncertainty for storm victims suffering from the most devastating climate impact of 2012.

“We’re hoping to see that Congress finally acts to protect the American people, and not the interests of David Koch,” said Brad Johnson, campaign manager of Forecast the Facts.

Thousands of Forecast the Facts members have signed a petition urging Congress to support investment in resilience against future climate disasters, and today members are placing calls to Congressional offices in the run-up to the vote.

See a copy here: act.engagementlab.org/sign/climate_sandy_relief_vote/ http://act.engagementlab.org/sign/climate_sandy_relief_vote/  

“Today I rode through the town of Manalokin, NJ,” Forecast the Facts petition signer Barbara K. of Ship Bottom, NJ, wrote. “Every single house I saw was badly damaged or destroyed. The pictures do not begin to tell the story of what is happening here. Most of my friends have not received any insurance money, they are living in homes with no walls or floors or are not able to live in their house at all. Most of these people are hard working, tax paying people and now they have had to wait months for money they had paid their insurance bills on time. It is so hard to understand why so many people are going to lose everything they had worked for their whole life, washed away with no help.”

Congress is voting on disaster relief on what would have been the 84th birthday of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Forecast the Facts is working in solidarity with leaders of multiple faith traditions to honor Dr. King’s legacy on this day. As representatives grapple whether to support Sandy’s victims, the Interfaith Moral Action on Climate <http://www.interfaithactiononclimatechange.org/> is holding a “pray-in” at the White House to highlight the urgent need for action on climate change.

“It is hard to believe that in the 21st century one would have to criticize elected officials for refusing to aid victims of a hurricane,” said Father Paul Mayer of the Interfaith Moral Action on Climate. “This is how far cynical politics has replaced simple decency and morality. It is time to remember the words of the Prophet Amos: ‘Let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.’”

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