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The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Thursday, November 23 2017 @ 07:49 AM EST
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Thursday, November 23 2017 @ 07:49 AM EST
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine

Maplewood Township is First to File Data with Sustainable Jersey Using NJy Energy Tracking System Powered by EnergySolve

The Township of Maplewood entered into a contract with EnergySolve LLC, whereby EnergySolve would provide its New Jersey Energy Tracking System (NJ ETS) to the Township. Maplewood obtained EnergySolve’s services without the need for public bidding pursuant to a Cooperative Purchasing provision in EnergySolve LLC’s contract with the State of New Jersey.

Within a month of entering into the contract, EnergySolve had entered all of Maplewood’s utility billing data for more than a calendar year into the NJ ETS and used the System to generate Maplewood’s 2012 report to Sustainable Jersey. Robert McCoy, chair of the Maplewood Environmental Advisory Committee, informed the town’s Green Team, “Amazing as it might seem, I think the Energy Tracking materials are ready and it’s not even midnight. Erin Beam with EnergySolve has been incredibly helpful in nailing down a gazillion details.”
Maplewood Deputy Mayor Kathleen M. Leventhal recently explained, “Reporting to Sustainable Jersey for 2013 will be a piece of cake. All the data has been entered each month into the Energy Tracking System from bills sent to EnergySolve by the utilities, reviewed for accuracy, approved for payment, paid, and registered as paid in Maplewood’s accounting system automatically. In August of this year they will literally only have to push a button to generate the annual report for Sustainable Jersey.”
Mr. S. Lynn Sutcliffe, CEO of EnergySolve commented on the cost of the New Jersey Energy Tracking System as follows, “The NJ ETS has not cost Maplewood a thing because of the cost savings from electronically paying bills. In fact, a recent study shows the system could have saved Maplewood about $16 for every bill paid through the system.”
Here is what Sustainable Jersey says about the NJ ETS on its website:
“NJ ETS is an energy tracking system and utility accounting system that assists facility managers in measuring energy and water consumption and costs. The contracted service provider receives a municipality’s bills, enters all the information in a searchable database, scans the bill image, conducts a thorough validation analysis, advises the customer of any irregularities that it cannot resolve with the utility, and then pays the bill before it is due to avoid any late fees or penalties. In addition to eliminating many of the administrative costs associated with utility bills, NJ ETS facilitates the benchmarking of the municipal building portfolio while also saving considerable money for the municipality. Since NJ ETS already has a cooperative purchasing agreement with the State of New Jersey, governmental entities can sign up to use this service without having to go out for a separate competitive bid.”
For more information, please contact Mr. S. Lynn Sutcliffe, CEO of EnergySolve by email at: [email protected]  or phone at 848.565.1213.

About EnergySolve
EnergySolve is a utility bill outsourcing company that provides electronic utility bill auditing, tariff analysis, late fee avoidance, and flexible bill payment solutions that create significant cost savings for our customers. Our Utility Bill Analytic Reporting (UBAR) system captures important energy information that enables our customers to better manage their energy and other utility spend. EnergySolve's energy management consulting services assists customers in the development of an energy and utility management strategy to procure energy at the most advantageous cost without increasing risk.
Since 1986, our employees have helped customers reduce energy costs through innovative energy solutions. These solutions have significantly reduced energy consumption in over 1,000 facilities throughout the United States and have produced hundreds of millions of dollars in savings for our customers. We focus on providing multi-facility customers with a web-enabled Bill Outsourcing Platform that provides the information and services they need to drive down operating costs. www.energysolve.com

energysolve.com | 732.748.9600 | [email protected]  
© 2000 – 2012 EnergySolve. All Rights Reserved. This is unpublished material and contains trade secrets and other confidential information. The unauthorized possession, use, reproduction, distribution, display or disclosure of this material or information contained herein is prohibited.

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