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The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Sunday, June 24 2018 @ 01:16 AM EDT
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Sunday, June 24 2018 @ 01:16 AM EDT
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine

Sayonara Winter, Get Your Home Ready For Spring

~ Five Spring Spruce-Ups for a Warmer Season ~
PEARL RIVER, N.Y., March 6, 2013 – It’s almost time to throw open the windows and welcome spring in. With the warmer season approaching, sweep away the winter cobwebs and refresh your home with a few spring spruce-ups. While some may get overwhelmed with the daunting task of a major cleaning, try these easy tips from Sally Morse, Director of Creative Services at Hunter Douglas, the leading name in custom window fashions and the design expert on www.hunterdouglas.com, to create a brighter, lighter, more organized home. 

1. Clear Away
If cleaning and clearing away the clutter seems overwhelming, Morse has one simple trick to calm the nerves. “Try setting the kitchen timer for 15 minutes per area, like the bedroom closet, pantry or foyer. Telling yourself you’re going to de-clutter the home in one weekend sounds draining,” she says. “Rather, split up the tasks into smaller ones so you stay focused and don’t get lost in the process.” Make a list of all the areas you have to organize and space it out over a few days. Take three bags and use one for trash, one for giveaways and perhaps one for a garage sale. Once done, take these out of the space and return items being kept to their proper place. For those items that need fixing, either repair or replace them right away or discard them, as things left to be handled later probably aren’t very important to you and tend to be forgotten.

To avoid stress, split spring cleaning into easy-to-manage smaller tasks.

2. Welcome in Springtime Light
While you might want to update everything in your home with more spring-like furnishings and accessories, it may not be the most time- or cost-effective approach for you. One uplifting and impactful décor change that can easily be made, however, is to update your window treatments. By adding the right window fashions in your home, they will not only look stylish and beautifully filter light for a glowing room, but also provide a host of practical benefits such as energy-efficiency, UV-protection, sound absorption and more. One of the many suitable options suggested by Morse is Hunter Douglas Nantucket™ window shadings, a streamlined and casual collection that features soft fabric vanes that rotate for variable light control and privacy suspended between two sheer facings to diffuse incoming light and preserve the view. Even with the vanes open, Nantucket shadings filter a significant portion of the sun’s harmful UV rays. What’s more, they’re now being offered with a cordless lifting system for enhanced child safety and a more streamlined look.

Nothing says spring like a sun-soaked room, be sure to create a liveable one with Hunter Douglas Nantucket™ window shadings.

3. Bring Nature In
As Mother Earth comes to life again it’s a great time to bring that life indoors with easy-to-maintain plants and flowers. Try the cast-iron Japanese perennial, one of the toughest species available. Nearly indestructible, it withstands low light, low humidity and a wide range of temperatures. Additionally, to make your indoor and outdoor spaces feel more seamless, use the same planters on your porch and entryway as in your foyer and kitchen. Lastly, don’t forget about the flowers; add pastel bouquets of lilac, forsythia and narcissus to spread a cheerful dose of color around the home.

Bring nature indoors with the long-lasting cast-iron Japanese perennial.

4. Lemony Fresh
Appeal to all five senses with this year’s spring updates. After your initial scrub and, sorting and clearing of clutter, extend that fresh scent by adding a lemon-scented diffuser. You can, of course, easily purchase one, but for a fun DIY project, create a citrus diffuser at home. Simply take any small vase or glass bottle and add lemon-scented fragrance oil, mineral oil that’s used as a non-evaporating base to hold the essential oils, a small dose of vodka that thins the oils getting it to the right consistency to move up the reeds, and diffuser reeds that can be purchased at any crafts store. Start by pouring one-fourth cup of mineral oil into a measuring cup, add two to three tablespoons of vodka, stirring to emulsify both together; then put in the essential oil. Pour the mixture into your container and insert five reeds. Flip them over every few days to keep the scent fresh. With these basic ingredients on hand, you can keep your home smelling fresh and clean all through the season and beyond.

Create a citrus-scented diffuser to make your home smell clean all spring long.

5. Lighter Linens
For one spring refresher that goes a long way, try brightening up your home with lighter fabrics. This update can awaken nearly every room from the living room, bedroom and bathroom to the kitchen. Swap out heavier, darker fabrics such as rugs, pillow covers, and towels for lighter ones both in texture and color. Top beds with a lightweight blanket, folding the comforter and placing it at the foot of the bed for chilly evenings. You can even go so far as to invigorating the living room with slipcovers in light, washable fabrics. Morse advises also bringing this soft texture to the window by opting for energy-saving Hunter Douglas Duette® Architella® honeycomb shades. These shades offer dozens of color and design choices for a range of high-design possibilities with fabrics that are gentle to the touch as well. The eco-friendly window treatments are also as smart as they are stylish; the shades feature a highly insulating cell-within-a-cell structure that traps more air, protecting against heat gain and loss at the window to moderate the temperature in the room.

Brighten up the home with soft, light-toned fabrics such as Alustra® Duette® Architella® honeycomb shades from Hunter Douglas.

You can get greener this spring beyond energy efficiency by adding more green to your wallet as well, as Duette Architella shades qualify for federal energy tax credits that have been reinstated for 2012 through 2013. Duette Architella shades are the only window coverings without add-on insulation systems to qualify for the credits. Homeowners should check the Manufacturer’s Certification Statement available at hunterdouglas.com/taxcredit for a list of qualifying Architella fabrics/lifting systems and restrictions and consult with their tax advisor to determine whether they are eligible for the tax credit.
With a little work and a few additions, you can happily welcome in the new season with a clean, orderly, beautiful home.

Hunter Douglas Inc., headquartered in Pearl River, N.Y, is the leading manufacturer and marketer of custom window fashions in North America and a major manufacturer of architectural products. The company is a national sponsor of Habitat for Humanity, covering windows in every Habitat home built in the U.S. and Canada. For more information, call 1-800-274-2985 or visit: hunterdouglas.com.

Visit the Hunter Douglas Facebook page at facebook.com/HunterDouglas and Pinterest at pinterest.com/hunterdouglaswf/. Download “The Art of Window Dressing” iPad app at the iTunes App Store at http://bit.ly/wvBK4Q as well as through a link at www.hunterdouglas.com.


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