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Wednesday, July 27 2016 @ 10:52 PM EDT
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Towing Company On The Belt Parkway Sued By Nineteen (19) Employees For Pay Failures

Nineteen (19) individuals are in a collective action federal lawsuit against Runway Towing Corp.. Runway Towing Corp. is the only towing company allowed to tow vehicles on the Belt Parkway from Rockaway Parkway to the Gowanus Expressway and is the exclusive towing company for the New York City Fire Department and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in the New York City area.

If a vehicle gets disabled on the Belt Parkway, you will pay Runway Towing Corp. the high towing rates permitted by the City of New York. But the nineteen (19) former tow truck drivers and dispatchers say that they have been paid anywhere from $40 per day for a 12 hour day – which is less than the minimum wage to $120 per day for a 12 hour day. The employees were not paid time and one half overtime. Some employees worked over 102 hours per week. The safety of those traveling on the Belt Parkway was compromised with drivers required to work normally six (6) to seven (7) days per week with the ordinary day being 12 hours per day. Working 72 hours per week was normal.

New York State and the federal government has laws to protect workers. The nineteen (19) individuals needed the protection from their former employer. These individuals had deductions taken out of their pay as penalties which is prohibited by law and the employer failed to pay for unemployment insurance for their workers, failed to pay for workers compensation insurance and failed to pay for social security contributions for their workers. When a worker was terminated by the employer, they could not collect unemployment benefits because the employer failed to pay for unemployment insurance.

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