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The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Tuesday, October 16 2018 @ 11:03 PM EDT
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Tuesday, October 16 2018 @ 11:03 PM EDT
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine

LEDucation 7 Breaks Both Exhibit & Attendance Records.

Expanded expo space and record crowds secures LEDucation’s place as largest one-day expo on LED Technology.
The Designers Lighting Forum of New York is proud to announce that LEDucation 7 hosted its largest event to date with a record -breaking crowd of over 3,000 attendees and a sold out expo of 150+ exhibitors. Attendees from across North American and Europe gathered at New York’s Hotel Pennsylvania on Wednesday, March 20th to learn and experience the latest development in solid state lighting in one of the industry’s most talked about, single day lighting educational expositions.

LEDucation 7 provided attendees the opportunity to view the latest innovations, technology and products from leading manufacturers from across the world, as well as the opportunity to participate in five educational programs lead by some of the industry’s most prolific talents.

“By relocating the event to the Penn Plaza Pavilion of the Hotel Pennsylvania, we knew this year’s event was going to be much larger than ever before.” commented Burt Grant, Event Co-Chair and one of the original committee members. “The expanded show floor allowed us to add more exhibitors to the show floor that have been on the wait list for many years and this expansion also resulted in being able to accommodate a larger attendance.”

Dedicated to advancing the education of the lighting community, LEDucation offered attendees key updates and glimpses into the future of the industry. Educational seminars were conducted by some of the industry’s most leading authorities and gave attendees a chance to catch up on the latest advancements in solid state technology and controls. Attendees enjoyed seminars from industry leading professionals including: Barbara Horton – HLB Lighting; Ruth Taylor - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Greg Galluccio – Leviton Manufacturing; Lindsay Stefans – Philips Lighting; Janet Lennox Moyer & C. Brook Silber – Jan & Brooke, Luminae; Craig Fox –ETC Architectural; Jesse Lowenstein – iGuzzini Lighting; Michael Mehl – Jaros, Baum & Bolles; Marty Salzberg – Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design.

LEDucation and the DLFNY would like to acknowledge the support of the following:
• Architectural Lighting Magazine and AL LED – Official media sponsor
• Supporting Media Sponsors:
o Edison Report
o eLumit
o Lighting Controls Association
o Lightsearch
• Supporting Event Sponsors:
o a*light
o Hubbell Lighting
o Barbizon
o EcoSense Lighting
o Jesco Lighting
o GoodMart Lighting Supply
o O’Blaney Rinker & Associates
o Philips Color Kinetics
o Specialty Lighting Industries
o Traxon Technologies: e:cue Lighting
o Mark Plavin/Metro Area Sales – Program Literature
• Exhibitors:
o 0energy Lighting Inc.
o a*light
o AAMSCO Lighting Inc.
o Academy Picture Lights
o Acclaim Lighting
o Acuity Brands
o Aleddra Lighting
o Amerlux
o Apogee Translite
o Architectural Lighting Works
o Arrow Electronics
o Axis Lighting
o BK Lighting/Teka Illumination
o Barron Lighting Group
o Barbizon
o Bartco Lighting Inc.
o Beacon Products Inc.
o Birchwood Lighting
o Boca Flasher
o Brownlee Lighting
o Bruck Lighting/Wila Lighting
o Con-Tech Lighting
o Contrast Lighting
o Cooper Lighting
o Coloronix
o Day-O-Lite
o Dongbu Lightec Canada
o Dongbu Lightec USA
o Eclipse Lighting Inc
o Edison Price Lighting
o Eklipse Architectural Lighting
o eldoLED America's
o Electrix
o ETi Solid State Lighting Inc.
o eLuxnet USA Corporation
o Emerge Lighting
o ERCO Lighting Inc
o ETC Architectural
o EYE Lighting International
o Feelux Lighting Inc.
o FineLite, Inc.
o Focal Point
o Forum Lighting Inc.
o G Lighting
o GE Lighting
o GM Lighting
o GVA Lighting
o HessAmerica
o Hubbell Lighting Inc.
o Hunza/LuxR Lighting USA
o i2Systems
o iGuzzini North America / Sistemalux
o Illumination Machines
o IlluminEarth ~ LumiCenter Lighting
o Imtra Marine Lighting
o Intense Lighting
o Inter-Lux
o io Lighting JanMar Lighting
o Jesco Lighting
o Juno Lighting Group
o Kenall Lighting
o Kurt Versen
o LBL Lighting
o LED Linear
o LED Waves
o LED Roadway Lighting
o Ledtronics Inc
o Lee Filters
o Leucos USA
o Lighting Science
o Lighting Services Inc
o LightWild
o Ligman Lighting USA
o Linear Lighting Corp
o Lites on West Soho
o Liton Lighting
o LittleFootprint Lighting, Inc.
o LSI Industries
o Lucent Lighting
o Lucifer Lighting Company
o Lumenpulse Lighting
o Lumenton Lighting
o Lumetta Inc
o Lumificient Corporation
o Luminis
o Lutron Electonics
o Mark Architectural Lighting
o MaxLite
o Metalumen Mfg. Inc.
o MP Lighting
o National Lighting Company
o Nichia Corporation
o OptoLum, Inc.
o Pathway Lighting
o Performance IN Lighting
o Philips Color Kinetics
o Philips Ledalite
o Pinnacle Architectural Lighting
o Prima Lighting
o Primus Lighting
o Pure Edge Lighting
o RCL (Remote Controlled Lighting)
o Reggiani Lighting USA Inc.
o Satco Products Inc.
o Selux Corporation
o Senso Lighting Canada
o Sentry Electric
o Sharp LED Lighting
o Silescent Lighting Corp
o Sistemalux
o SLV Lighting North America
o Solais Lighting Inc.
o Solavanti Lighting
o Solid State Capital Services
o Soraa
o Specialty Lighting Industries
o SPI Lighting
o Spot on Lighting
o Sternberg Lighting
o Targetti Poulsen
o Tech Lighting
o Tempo Industries
o The American Glass Light Company
o The Lighting Quotient
o Times Square Lighting
o Tivoli
o Tokistar Lighting Inc.
o Toshiba LED Lighting Systems Division
o TPR Industries
o Traxon Technologies: e:cue Lighting
o USAI Lighting
o Vantage Controls
o Vantage Lighting
o Visa Lighting
o Visual Lighting Technologies
o Vode Lighting
o WE-EF Lighting USA, LLC
o Winona Lighting (Acuity Brands)
o XALInc.
o Xicato
o Zumtobel, Inc.


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