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Thursday, September 29 2016 @ 06:09 AM EDT

IDEA Announces 2013-2014 Board Directors and Officers

John Burke, President and COO of Kirby Risk Electrical Supply, named IDEA Chairman
The Industry Data Exchange Association, Inc. (IDEA), the official technology service provider and eBusiness standards body of the electrical industry, today announced its new officers and directors for 2013-2014.

The IDEA Board of Directors elected John Burke, President and Chief Operating Officer (COO), Kirby Risk Electrical Supply, as the IDEA Chairman of the Board for 2013-2014. He previously served on the IDEA Board as the Vice Chairman from 2012-2013 and Treasurer from 2011-2012.

“Much progress has been made over the past year engaging the manufacturer community in a campaign to address the accelerating demand for quality data and information. Our objective over the next year will be to continue to build on these successes with particular emphasis on data quality improvements and filling significant gaps that impede manufacturers’ and distributors’ success in fulfilling end user expectations,” said Burke.

Prior to joining Kirby Risk in 2001, Burke held positions as COO with SourceAlliance, Southeast Division, President of Rexel, S.A. and Vice President, General Manager of EESCO Division of WESCO International. Burke began his career with GE where he spent 15 years engaged in various management positions. Burke serves on supplyFORCE, Board of Directors as Chairman; NAED and NAED Education and Research Foundation Board of Directors; EDGE Electrical Global Supply, Board of Directors; and is an Advisory Board member for Industrial Technology at the College of Technology, Purdue University.

Outgoing IDEA Chairman, Steve Sokolow, Chairman of the Board, Leviton, served in the position from 2012-2013 and will continue to serve on the Board as a voting director.

“It was an exciting year to be the IDEA Chair as I worked alongside some of the best minds in the industry to develop a new strategic plan for the IDEA team to execute over the next three years. We are already well on the way to accomplish goals related to a fully-attributed IDW and smart applications that integrate solutions through to the end user,” said Sokolow.

IDEA welcomes one new officer: Brian Herington, President, U.S. & Latin America Electrical, Thomas & Betts and two new voting directors: Phil Hale, Chief Information Officer, Elliott Electric Supply, and Emmanuel Lagarrigue, Senior Vice President, Schneider Electric.

The 2013-2014 IDEA Officers: (* Denotes Non-voting Director)
• Chairman: John Burke, President and COO, Kirby Risk Electrical Supply
• Vice Chairman: Vernon Nagel, Chairman, President, and CEO, Acuity Brands Inc.
• Treasurer: Brian Herington, President, U.S. & Latin America Electrical, Thomas & Betts
• Secretary: Wes Smith, President, Mayer Electric Supply
• President: Robert Gaylord, President and CEO, IDEA*
Additional Voting Directors:
• Jack Carlson, President, Electrical Division, Southwire
• Phil Hale, Chief Information Officer, Elliott Electric Supply
• Emmanuel Lagarrigue, Senior Vice President, Schneider Electric
• Jack Lawson, President and CEO, Electrical Equipment Co.
• Bob Siegel, VP, Investment and Inventory Management, Graybar
• Steve Sokolow, Chairman of the Board, Leviton
Additional Non-voting Directors:
• Evan Gaddis, President and CEO, NEMA
• Tom Naber, President and CEO, NAED

by Mel Fabrikant

Mel is a longtime Paramus resident and has belonged to many Paramus organizations. He is responsible for bringing the Scholarship Show to town and seeing to it that the initial presentation went over well. His five offspring were brought up through the Paramus school system. In addition, he is a longtime Paramus Rotary member.

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