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Thursday, July 28 2016 @ 11:59 PM EDT
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AFP to Sen. Norcross: Maybe You Need to “Try Harder” Don’t Blame Hertz for Leaving the Sour Business Climate You’ve Created

Americans for Prosperity is blasting state Sen. Donald Norcross for remarks made yesterday to a representative of the Hertz Corporation. As reported today by Bob Jordan of the Asbury Park Press, Norcross chastised a lobbyist for the corporation because of the company’s decision to move its corporate headquarters from New Jersey to Florida.

“If anyone needs to ‘try harder’ it’s Sen. Norcross and his Democratic allies in the Legislature who continue to assault business owners in this state with high taxes and punitive regulations and mandates,” said Mike Proto, AFP-NJ communications director. “Sen. Norcross’ record on taxes and spending is abysmal. There’s a reason he has received a big fat ‘F’ on our Taxpayer Scorecard every year he’s been in office. Sen. Norcross is no friend of New Jersey taxpayers or job creators. If he wants someone to blame for companies like Hertz leaving New Jersey all he needs to do is look in the mirror.”
“Hertz made the right decision for its employees and the future of the company,” Proto added. “Why would any company want to stay here when the state makes it impossible to profit and create jobs?”
“Frankly, it’s appalling that any legislator would use their position as an elected representative to levy such an attack on a company that’s only looking out for its own interests. Sen. Norcross should stop blaming the victim and take responsibility for creating a business climate that compels companies like Hertz to bolt for states that welcome and reward their efforts and success instead of maligning and punishing them for it.”
Americans for Prosperity criticized the Democratic-led Legislature for its anti-business agenda causing Hertz and other corporations to flee for more business friendly states.

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