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Sunday, April 20, 2014, 04:57 PM EDT
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Knowing What To Do and What Not To Do When Picking Room Colors Is An Art

Pablo Picasso is famously quoted as saying, " Painting is just another way of keeping a diary " and this holds true not only on canvas but in the home like when you walk into that brownish-green study den and remember the fond time of when you picked out paint colors for the house after drinking 14 Harvey Wallbangers. The famous painter and philosopher also has a famous painting called 'The Seated Woman' where the lady is colored inexplicably blue - he could pull off these exotic color choices but in a home it's better to follow some of the recommended do's and dont's of finding the perfect paint color.

Do: Get Paint Swatches From A Local Supply Store

Even though the paint samples that stores supply are pretty small and not always indicative of the exact color that will show up on your wall, it's still a great idea to bring home multiple swatch squares...or the entire book if they'll let you. Seeing multiple colors in the exact lighting and next to furniture and carpet in the room will give the best 'gut feeling' on a selection.

Don't: Apply One Color Swatch Per Room

Even though each room in a home is its own entity, paint plans that work usually rely on some sort of flow from one nest to another. Because of this it's important to keep the same general color patterns and resist the urge to let one kid pick a bright green happy bedroom while the other picks a pure black one as they work their way through a Goth phase. The goal of each room's color should be: "connected but independent".

Do: Know The Room 'Feel'

The ideal house design is functional with certain rooms designed for utility or entertainment while others are intended for down time. Picking the perfect paint color for each means knowing the room and applying a color scheme for it. A homeowner doesn't want bright yellows screaming at them when they're trying to enjoy a good book in quiet and likewise a calm silver blue might not work well in an exercise room or finished garage where there's work to do.

Don't: Let Color Dictate Design

Remember that while finding the perfect color is important, there's no sense putting too much pressure on yourself or closing off an area of the house because it 'looks stupid.' Wall shade accounts for about 60% of the color in a room so even if you swing and misses on a Falu red living room, there's still 40% of color available to use by accentuating carpet, furniture, base trim, and the perfect amount of paintings and wall decor to distract visitors attention just long enough to scurry them into another room.

Another thing to remember is that just as the home owner evolves from a rookie color selector to a crafty veteran, each room in the house develops over time as well. Little Goth Tommy's bedroom might eventually serve as guest room or reading room and that Falu red living room really popped once silver toned wainscoting was installed five years later. A homeowner will grow accustomed to an awkward color just as they'll grow bored with what once was a stupendous selection so don't let paint drying be the be-all-end-all completion of a room...instead follow Picasso's other undocumented words of wisdom "just paint over it."

About the author: Ricky Maag is a home decor blogger. He is also part of www.blackettsdoors.co.uk; an e-commerce site for internal and external doors.

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