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Wednesday, April 23, 2014, 09:23 AM EDT
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Does The Color Of Your Car Really Matter?

There are many notions regarding the color of vehicles and their potential for being ticketed for speeding or being involved in accidents. However, reality does not gibe with most of those notions when examined in scientific studies or when reviewing observational data, such as police accident and traffic violation reports. Assessors of vehicular risk don't even bother with vehicle color when gauging risk. So does the color of your car really matter? Below, Houston car accident lawyer, Hank Stout, debunks a few car color myths.

Insurers Regard Vehicle Color: False!

When it comes to the color of a vehicle and insurance costs, no insurance company takes into account the color of a vehicle when assessing potential risk and establishing insurance premiums. To an auto insurance company, the color of the vehicle is irrelevant, especially when compared to the many other factors auto insurance firms consider when underwriting policies, such as driving history, vehicle type, location, amount of driving done and other factors. If there is a correlation between vehicle color and accident risk, car insurance companies do not find it to be strong enough to bother including vehicle color among their many underwriting considerations.

Red Is The Most Dangerous Color: False!

A popular notion suggests red cars are more likely to be involved in accidents or be ticketed by police, but the facts do not support the allegation. Among reasons given for red cars being vulnerable to accidents is the thought that the taillights blend in with the vehicle, so when the brakes are applied, it is much easier for other drivers to miss the warning lights and hit it from the rear. Many sports cars also are red, which causes many people to suggest there is a correlation between the color red and traffic tickets, but studies do not back that notion, either. And motor vehicle accident statistics do not indicate a strong correlation between red vehicles and increased accident rates or being ticketed for speeding.

Light Colors Are Most Visible: True!

Studies do indicate lightly colored vehicles, such as white, silver and yellow, tend to be more visible than vehicles of other colors, and silver is the most popular vehicle color followed by white and then black. Those three vehicle colors account for as much as half of all new vehicles sold, according to a study conducted by DuPont Automotive. Not surprising, studies show vehicles of duller colors, such as gray, are less visible at night and during twilight hours when there is less sunlight, which could increase the likelihood of a vehicle pulling out in front of one without enough distance to safely get up to speed or make it across the path of the oncoming vehicle. The risk could be especially high during fall and winter months when the background tends to me more gray and vehicles of similar hues blend in more with the background.

Light Colors Are The Safest Color: Not Necessarily!

Although white vehicles are more visible, they also are involved in a great deal of accidents. While some might take that as proof vehicles that are white are more accident-prone, alternative explanations exist. With white being the second most popular color of new vehicles and likely a very common color for many used vehicles still traveling roadways, based on volume alone, it only makes logical sense that white vehicles are in more accidents than vehicles of other colors that simply are not sold in the same quantities.

About the author: Sutliff & Stout, PLLC is a personal injury law firm located in Austin and Houston, Texas. For more information on this subject, connect with Sutliff & Stout, PLLC on Facebook and Google+.

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