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Wednesday, April 16, 2014, 09:08 AM EDT
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What You Can Learn From Successful Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

Since everyone with a strong presence on Facebook has a timeline cover photo, one easy way to try to come up with some ideas in order to improve your own is to browse the others online and find the most creative ones. A lot of companies have come up with brilliant ideas to use the cover photo to drum up more interest in their brand and to get people to spend more time on their Facebook timeline.

HongKiat.com provides images of some of the best ones around so that you can check them out and decide what techniques to implement into your own Facebook timeline cover photo.

Make Sure Your Profile Picture Works Two Ways

Your profile picture is going to be used as the stand-alone image when your business account or profile takes action on Facebook. As a result, it needs to look good on its own. Some people make the mistake of integrating it so much that when it is shown on its own, it doesn’t make any sense or looks odd.

Amsterdam Printing has an example cited on the page that is linked above, which does a great job of using a logo that can stand alone while also blending into the image that they used as their cover photo. It’s colorful, bright and eye-catching, too.

Showcase Your Product

You can use an image of your product in action, like Apple does from time to time when launching a new iPad or iPhone product. Take a stylish photo of your product, possibly in use, and put it out there for the world to see.

Billabong, which is a surfing company, has used an image of a surfer riding a huge wave before while using their products. It’s a great way to use a captivating, exciting photograph to highlight your brand and grab some attention.

Keep it Happy

If you have people involved in the photo, make sure that they are happy and smiling. Barring extremely unique circumstances, you should always show happy faces in association with your brand and product. People are more likely to respond happily and they will subconsciously notice that people are smiling around your product or brand. That should strengthen their positive association with your company, which will help to foster a stronger relationship going forward.

Use the Rule of Thirds

When you look at most of the really impressive cover photos, they implement the rule of thirds, placing the focus in the photo one third of the way from the sides, top or bottom. This is naturally pleasing to the eye, so people are more likely to find the photo striking.

Be Inspired, But Don’t Copy

While most great ideas and designs are inspired by something that already exists, make sure that you make it your own and don’t simply rip off someone else’s design and turn it into yours. This can be a fine line to follow, but you’ll want to make sure that you definitely turn the idea into your own and change it enough that you can’t be accused of infringing upon any copyrights.

In addition, if customers notice that you are stealing designs and ideas from someone else, this will probably have a negative impact on your brand and may blow up in your face.

So keep scanning other pages to come up with ideas that you can use as a basis of inspiration, but try to use them to create your own original cover photos. Keep them creative, unique and attention grabbing and you should have great success.

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