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Saturday, April 19, 2014, 04:27 PM EDT
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State Fair Seasons Offers Santa Claus And His Decorations For The HouseState Fair Seasons Offers Santa Claus And His Decorations

State Fair Seasons It's impossible to imagine that State Fair Seasons doesn't have what you are looking for. Changing the store to reflect all major seasons is a part of the reason that the superstore is such a success. Just think, it recently transformed from a summer swimming and outdoor furniture shop to a Halloween store with a Scare Factory and now to the Christmas Season, all within a short period of time. Never one to skimp on the seasonal offerings, one can find all types of ways to decorate the home for the Noel atmosphere and even purchase a Santa Claus costume to go with it. Of course, Mrs. Santa is included in the wide variety of costumes available.

State Fair Seasons The set up and the decor is awe inspiring. Shelves lined with multiple choices of the same item in different decor and color schemes. One has to visit the huge area devoted to Christmas and see how to make their decorations unique and outstanding, if desired.

www.ParamusPost.com visited the store in Belleville recently and at the entrance were inflatable Xmas decorations in the form of known comic characters set outside to greet the shopper. Inside, there were huge Toy Soldiers that overlooked the area and some were even in motion. Other creatures inside the store adhered to the celebratory atmosphere, an eyesight for the discerning shopper as well as their young offspring!

A trip to State Fair Seasons will be worth the venture. Contact State Fair Seasons at www.StateFairSeasons.com  , sales@sfseasons.com  or call 973 450 1070 for more information

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