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Thursday, April 24, 2014, 07:53 PM EDT
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Businesses to Watch for Success This Holiday Shopping Season

If you’re looking for paragons of business success during the holiday shopping season, you need look no further than the retail giants.

For obvious reasons, these companies tend to make a figurative killing as the calendar year slams into the winter months. Companies start ramping up their staff with extra hands for small business phone service, extra cash register support and warehouse and online departments for the busy season. Gift-shopping is at an all-time high from late November to the end of the year, and retail shops are uniquely positioned to make the best of this – but they’re not the only ones.

The Big Holiday Season Winners

In addition to the retail outlets that sell gifts for the winter season holidays, any smaller shops that specialize in last-minute gift ideas and items with further-reduced prices will fare well. There are always last-minute shoppers, and it benefits you to stay open during unconventional hours to take advantage of these “stragglers.” Boutiques, flower shops, candy shops and children’s toys are always big winners in moments like these.

If you won a small internet business, the numbers are decidedly on your side during the shopping season. As more and more of the overall shopping stake is corralled by cyber-shops and e-business stores, they are projected to someday overtake the giant that is retail sales. After all, over three-quarters of holiday shoppers intend to do at least some of their shopping from the comfort of their home computers, which means that if you’ve got your search engine optimization in full bloom, you could control a sizable amount of the holiday traffic for your niche.

An often overlooked holiday shopping boon is especially important to you if you have a restaurant or operate in the food industry. Many families go online to search for somewhere to eat out multiple days of the holiday season – even the major ones like Christmas Day and Thanksgiving; if only to purchase the food they’ll cook later at home. Placing your menu online and optimizing your website to show up for those keywords will bring in droves of local traffic – especially considering that it remains much easier to optimize for local traffic than global. As such, even for a restaurant, it helps to erect an online storefront.

E-commerce: The Biggest Exclusively Online Winner

Few establishments are going to sell anything close to superstores like Wal-Mart and Toys R Us, or Apple, Samsung and Google. The mobile devices of the former are all the rage this holiday season, with everyone eager to upgrade to the next model of their Smartphone. However, for the smaller businessperson, you can reap substantial benefits if you’re already involved in e-commerce.

The reality of continuing to make sales throughout the day and night is only fully realized for the smaller business through e-commerce. The online shopping space is growing twice as quickly as the offline avenue, so the pedestrian mom-and-pop shop stands to gain a lot in the transition to cyberspace – where the barriers to entry are far smaller than trying to out-compete the giants.

Ultimately, because the holiday shopping season is such a hectic period, there are plenty of industries that will garner great success; you just have to approach them via the right medium – whether you’re a consumer or retailer. It might be better to focus resources on customer service online, than providing overtime to workers if the bulk of your orders are going to one of these options. As a consumer, perhaps waiting in line at a toy store is the less efficient option, given the explosion of e-commerce.

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