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Sunday, April 20, 2014, 10:26 PM EDT
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NYC Lingerie Designer Featured in American Country Awards Swag Bags

Who says a city girl can’t make it in the country music world? Kate Liegey, a local Manhattanite and designer of Vintage Heartland lingerie, has been selected to be the only line of lingerie gifted to celebrities at this year’s American Country Awards. Inspired by her love of whimsical country and vintage fashion, Liegey, a designer and stylist to the stars, launched Vintage Heartland in an effort to combine her passion for country music and women’s fashion.

“Knowing that Vintage Heartland is the only lingerie brand selected in this year’s swag bags is an amazing honor,” says Liegey. “Being recognized for all the hard work we’ve have put into this line is a wonderful feeling. I’ve been splitting my time between Nashville and New York to really nail the designs that are both functional, fashionable and truly country, while still being sexy and stylish.”

Liegey, CEO and founder of Vintage Heartland, wanted to take the idea of women’s lingerie to another level by adding in country inspiration. It’s her belief that mixing sweet and stylish pieces with a vintage feel takes the stereotypical idea of lingerie and changes it completely. According to Liegey, the line includes lingerie, sleepwear and apparel that are targeted at the everyday girl next door.

Originally from the south, Liegey based her brand off her country roots and her hometown values. “I’m equally city girl as I am country. If you look at our designs, everything from country music, the lifestyle and the vintage undertones are reflected in its aesthetic. But you’ll notice our pieces are ones you can wear everyday, making it practical and fun for the city girl too.”

Along with being an entrepreneur, Liegey has styled and designed for celebrities such as Tyra Banks, Mariah Carey and Jessica Simpson. She also has a background in developing lingerie and sportswear for major fashion houses such as Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger.

“If you notice, country has become one of the biggest trends in music, and there are women nationwide that love anything inspired by that lifestyle. Bringing Vintage Heartland to a national audience has been one of my goals since I decided to start the line, and it’s finally becoming a reality. Hopefully the ACA swag bags are the first step to becoming a household name.”

This year’s American Country Awards will be held on December 10th in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay, and airing at 8:00pm on FOX. For more information on Vintage Heartland, please visit their soon-to-be launched website www.vintageheartland.com on January 15th.

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