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Friday, April 18, 2014, 02:12 PM EDT
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Gently Used Designer Clothing at Discount Prices

Many women, and men alike for that matter, love the look and feel that designer clothing can offer. For many, there simply is no alternative. Specific brands may just fit better than other garments for some of these individuals and the quality of the clothing is top-notch. However, these items can also be quite expensive. This is why many consumers may opt to purchase pre-owned designer clothing. These lightly used items are the obvious alternative as the shopper can receive huge discounts on the quality merchandise that they want.

Quality at a Discount

Most consumers want the most bang for their buck and seek out discounts on virtually everything from insurance, vehicles and even electronics. Clothing is no different. As a matter of fact, some of these pre-owned designs may not even have been worn. Many times, something may be purchased and just hangs in the closet. These brand name clothes are often in optimal condition, some without even the slightest hint of wear-and-tear. The consumer seeking steep savings on top quality clothes can take advantage of consignment fashions in order to save money and look their best, all at the same time.

Significant Discounts

While the savings can differ from one article of clothing to the next, the consumer can save anywhere from 30% to 70% on purchases when compared to the retail value in malls, department stores and even outlets. In some cases, savings can easily be as much as 90%. With options such as free shipping with some vendors, these deals can save hundreds of dollars for the consumer. The amount of money that may be saved can vary considerably based on the item, brand and ultimately where the clothing is purchased. The best place to find designer discounts online is at Walk In My Closet.

Variety of Merchandise

Another great aspect of buying used is the variety of merchandise, which may be available in different sizes, colors and even styles. It is not uncommon for the local department store to only carry certain colors or styles of a garment, which can be a huge turn off for those that prefer a certain style or cut. Buying pre-owned garments can lend more variety and may be the only way that the shopper can find a specific style or cut that she may be seeking. Not only can this make buying what is wanted easier, but much more affordable.

Consumer Shopping Options

There are a variety of ways that the consumer can get their hands on the latest gently used fashions. While the traditional methods include visiting the local thrift shops, there are so many more options available now. For example, there are various auction websites that matches buyers with sellers and it is possible to search by popular tags that can include brand, season and size. However, there has also been a significant increase in exchange websites that are dedicated solely to pre-owned designer clothing. In addition, many vendors of these brand name fashions may also carry accessories such as shoes, handbags and even jewelry items at significant discounts as well.

About the author: Article written by Sarah Johnson

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