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Friday, April 18, 2014, 06:35 AM EDT
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Rochelle Park Police Have An Active Day

On 12/6/2013 at approximately 10:00 pm Patrolmen Todd Starling and Franklin Laboy were assigned to a DWI enforcement detail. The officers observed a black bmw travelling too closely to the vehicle in front of it on Essex Street. A motor vehicle stop and on scene investigation ensued. The officers suspicions were aroused as they began to speak with the operator and found him to be sweating despite the cold and rainy conditions. As they continued to speak with him, he was observed making an effort to conceal objects within the cup holder.

 The driver, Andrew Pitchon, a 29 year old Saddle Brook resident, was removed from the vehicle at which point it was observed that white prescription pills were held in the cup holder. Pitchon then agreed to a consent search of the vehicle which revealed the following: (9) Xanax "bars", (149) oxycodone tablets, and (57) Vyvanse(ADHD Amphetamines) capsules. The prescription C.D.S. was stored in bottles not issued to Mr. Pitchon as wells as loosely stored throughout the vehicle. Pitchon was arrested and charged with several counts of Possession of C.D.S., Possessing Prescriptions drugs without original containers, possession of drug paraphernalia, and several motor vehicle summonses. He was released pending a future court date.

On 12/6/2013 at approximately 12:00 PM a cashier of the Rochelle Park Shop Rite reported her car keys were missing from behind her register. Shortly thereafter the same keys were returned to the customer service counter. As she returned to her vehicle she found that access had been gained. Her purse was rummaged through and her drivers license, a bank card, credit card, gift card, cash, a makeup purse, and loose change had been removed from the vehicle. Detectives Jim DePreta and Chris Bermudez reviewed surveillance video and observed a white female who appeared to be in her 20's, in the area of the victims keys. The suspect who was wearing a black "Eagles" sweatshirt was observed removing the keys and placing them in her pocket. Prior to committing this theft, the suspect appeared to scan a "Price Plus Card" through the Shop Rite computer system. Further video review displayed the same female returning the keys to customer service later in the day. A subsequent computer search on the price plus card led detectives to an Elmwood Park address. Prior to speaking to any suspects, detectives were advised that an attempt was made to use the stolen bank card at a Paramus A.C. Moore store. On 12/11/13 detectives responded to the address in question, and the woman who answered the door was wearing the very same "Eagles" sweatshirt. The suspect, Audrey Johnson a 28 year old Elmwood Park resident, agreed to return to headquarters and speak with investigators. Johnson proceeded to admit to stealing the keys, returning to the Shop Rite later in the day, and then searching the lot for the victims vehicle. Once she found the vehicle, she removed the victims purse, took any items of value, locked the car and then returned the keys to customer service. She then made an attempt to use the gift card and bank card, however, the bank card was already reported stolen. Detectives were only able to recover some of the loose change removed from the vehicle. Johnson was charged on a warrant for Burglary and Theft, and a municipal Judge released her pending a court appearance. This was the second suspect in the past two weeks who used a price plus card attaching their name to the crime they were about to commit at Shop Rite.

Det. Jim DePreta

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