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Thursday, April 17, 2014, 03:21 AM EDT
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Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club Assists At Eva's Village

Eva's village Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club has taken an active interest in Community Service. Not only does the club participate in the Paramus area such as the Paramus Food Bank, but it also goes afield to places like Eva's Village in Paterson. Nine members of the Rotary Club drove to Paterson to help serve about three hundred meals. Under the guidance of renowned chef Darryl Dela Cruz, needy people are served a noontime meal at the 393 Main Street address.

365 days per year, these unfortunate hungry and working poor are afforded a hot noon meal in Eva's Community Kitchen dining room. Before the meal, Chef Darryl instructs the volunteers who are there to serve the food, water and coffee on the correct way to accomplish this. Teams are sent out into the dining area loaded with pitchers of ice water and of hot coffee.

An assembly line is set up and serving carts are rolled to the front in a never ending pattern to collect eight filled dishes. These are then wheeled to the waiting recipients and the empty carts wheeled back to take their place in line for the next delivery. Dela Cruz has it down to a perfected science and there is a constant parade of volunteers doing their assigned tasks. In talking to one of the other volunteers, she comes there two times a week to help in this charitable endeavor. At this time of the year, Christmas, there is no dearth of organizations wanting to contribute manpower and money to help. Paramus Sunrise Rotary made a sizeable money donation in addition to the manpower.

Those Rotarians and their friends present were: Karine Abrahamyan, Sona Hambardzumyan, Ani Aghjayan, Sophie Stone, Tina Apprich, Mike Molin, Mukesh Malkan, Joe Castelano and Mel Fabrikant. After working from 10:30 AM to 1 PM, the group left and traveled to Rose's Place in Fairlawn for a Mediterranean meal.

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