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Thursday, April 24, 2014, 05:24 AM EDT
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Winter Fashion Tips for Every Occasion

Fashion lovers have to get creative in the winter to combine grace, poise, and warmth. Staying stylish as winds blow and snow falls is often hard because too many coats are unflattering and baggy.

However, many snappy dressers create their masterpieces in the cooler seasons because they get a chance to layer and combine their favorite pieces in new ways. Look at winter fashion as an opportunity rather than a challenge and get creative with these helpful tips for attractive outfits throughout December's deepest freezes.

Go For Fitted Pieces

Don't let your wardrobe get cluttered with shapeless sweaters and puffy coats, no matter how cozy they keep you. It is possible to find fitted jackets and tailored pants that still feature plenty of insulation. Go for thin layers of insulating thermals rather than just adding on more bulk to keep the chill off.

A stylish pea coat with a quilted lining can block the wind as well as a bulky parka. Loose clothing can also make you cooler if it allows air to escape at the edges of the outfit. Fitted layers keep you warmer and show off your figure in the depths of winter.

Invest in a few warm pairs of leggings that stretch enough to fit over smooth thermals. This pair of fabric layers will keep bare legs warm when you feel like mixing it up with a dress or skirt that is more suited for summer. A feminine and flirty touch from the right summer piece can really balance out the darkness of winter jackets and boots according to Glamour magazine. Pick a sleeveless dress for an informal look when you slip it on over a long sleeved shirt.

Stay Simple For Social Occasions

Many people find casual office parties and gatherings with friends to serve as an excuse for slipping into nothing more than a pair of jeans and a seasonal sweater. However, part of the fun of these holiday parties is dressing nicely and showing off. The little black dress remains a perennial classic, but it isn't enough all on its own.

Pick out the right accessories to elevate a simple and flattering shift into a complete outfit. Colorful jewelry and bags are especially appropriate in the winter. If there aren't any lovely blooms to look at, you can really steal the show by showing up with an accessory that is the equivalent of a flawless rose.

Formal occasions may call for a full length ball gown and heels along with your fashionable tungsten rings. If you are worried about staying warm while on route to your event without rumpling your dress, consider an equally elegant full length coat. This keeps lint off your dress while giving you a flawless entrance without concerns over a boxy jacket ruining your look.

Make It Pop

Everyone wraps themselves in bold prints and fun colors in the summer, but how many people switch to monochrome when winter comes? The gray skies and bare trees are already dark enough on their own. While you may want to stick with neutrals for your outerwear, let animal print scarves and super fun boots break up the monotony. Windsor Crossing also recommends ordering a wide range of inexpensive and colorful vinyl jackets or some exciting faux fur shrugs to keep casual wear fun during drab times. Just don't make a mix up and stroll into a semi-formal holiday party wearing neon green heels and your cheetah print tights.

Don't put all of your favorite T-shirts and shorts into seasonal storage just yet. These pieces can be paired and layered with warmer separates to give you a look that reminds you of summer. You can also find some great deals on new pieces in the winter on sale due to being out of season, then turn around and make a brand new outfit with these components.

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