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Wednesday, April 23, 2014, 11:13 AM EDT
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Why Employee Motivation is Important

If your employees didn't show up to work one day, you would have an awful lot of angry customers. What if they didn't show up to work for two days, three days?

Sure, you would replace them, but you wouldn't be able to replace the damage to your business, not to mention all the costs of training new people. However, there are businesses that tolerate employees who don't show up for work, almost every day of the week.

They are at work physically, but mentally they've stayed home. This means your customers are not receiving the first rate service they expect when they come to you. Incentivizing performance is always a great way to keep employees working towards their productivity goals and many companies use gift cards to do just that. Employers can find these at grocery stores, warehouse stores or some companies, like Smart One, provide companies with customizable gift cards.

Perhaps you won't lose these customers today or tomorrow, but they will eventually stray to a competitor that has a highly motivated staff and successful employee appreciation programs at their place. At this time of year when visions of sugarplums are dancing through their heads, it is of the utmost importance to keep them engaged in work.

Why Employees Lack Motivation

The answer is simple; they don't feel appreciated or challenged. One way to motivate employees is to make them know they are valuable to your business.

All successful companies employ various employee appreciation programs. These companies know that their employees are the face of their business, and they want their customers to see their brand as being highly motivated. However rewards programs, while extremely effective, are not the only ways companies keep their employees showing up to work both physically and mentally.

Effective employee appreciation programs do include higher pay, cash or prepaid debit card bonuses, and verbal recognition of a job well done.

However, all of the above companies realize the need to challenge their employees. This is done by constantly giving them new challenges and responsibilities.

By constantly training employees and teaching them new skill sets, these top-rated companies stay on top with a constant supply of well-trained and motivated employees who are always reaching for new goals.

Employee Participation

Another key method the top companies use to keep their edge is they involve their employees in the business. By using social media, the employees can stay plugged into their jobs without ever feeling like the proverbial “mushroom in the dark.”

These companies also encourage investment from within the company. When an employee knows that the better his or her company does, the better they, themselves, do, they are going to show up to work every day, sharp and eager to dominate their company's competitors.

Smart business leaders don't take employees for-granted. If your idea of employee motivation is a break room with a half a pot of bitter coffee and some posters tacked to the wall featuring soaring eagles and clichés, you may want review your company's performance chart, because you may be in for a shock. While you're at it, check up on your employees. Some of them may have already mentally clocked out.

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