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Wednesday, April 23, 2014, 09:22 AM EDT
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Merry Christmas! A&E: No Negotiation…We’re Doing the Show

AFA Encourages Duck Dynasty Fans to Keep Up Efforts; Fan Contact and Pressure Helping A&E Make Decisions to Resolve Phil Robertson Hiatus
TUPELO, Miss.—According to an article from the UK’s Mail Online news and Entertainment Weekly, a source says Phil Robertson will appear in new Duck Dynasty episodes set for January and claims that the A&E network has no plans to fire the reality show star over his recent comments about homosexuality and sexual sin in America.

AFA is still encouraging fans of the hit show to help return patriarch Phil Robertson to the air as potentially millions have called A&E to voice their opinions, and end the hiatus from the show that they have placed on him after Robertson talked about his beliefs on sexual sin in the January issue of the men’s magazine GQ. AFA’s constituents and those around the country responded last week to news from AFA in the press as well as to other news sources, and to AFA e-Alerts that gave their 2 million+ supporters the phone numbers to call at A&E. The main switchboard was shut down one day after calls started flooding in and the CEO phone line was also publicized for fans to call.
AFA has prepared an open letter of support to Robertson from those desiring to let Phil know they stand with him on this issue and the organization is continuing to gather letters since last week in support of Robertson which are being delivered to him and the network. Letters can be signed online at AFA.net.
“We are blessed by the response that our supporters, constituents and fans of Duck Dynasty and Phil Robertson have given to AFA and the A&E network, over the news that A&E suspended this Christian patriarch for voicing his Christian beliefs in an interview unrelated to the show. The strength that millions of Christians possess and have demonstrated by declaring biblical truth about marriage and human sexuality is not something that can be ignored. We need to continue to show that we will not stand down. We also need to use this scenario with Mr. Robertson as a model to respond to issues, to politics and to virtually anything that is anti-biblical, and in situations when Christian values and opinions are at risk of being silenced. Let this be an encouragement to all who believe in the power, the virtue and the wisdom of God and His Holy Word!”
The Robertson family of West Monroe, La., found fame with their hand-made duck calls for lovers of the outdoors. “Duck Dynasty” always concludes with the family around the dinner table in prayer.
For more information on American Family Association, visit www.afa.net.

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