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Thursday, April 24, 2014, 01:28 AM EDT
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4 Folding Knives and What They Can be Used For

Owning a folding knife is very convenient. Depending on the size of the blade, a folding knife can be put into a pocket and used whenever required. A folding knife can even be placed into a box. Here are some of the many folding knives which are popular across the United States and the situations that they can be used in:

Gerber EVO Jr Knife 22-41493

The ‘Gerber EVO Jr Knife 22-41493’ has a lightweight design, largely because of its aluminum handle. With a 2.75” blade, it can be used whilst in the Great Outdoors, such as fishing. Every fisherman should have a dependable knife in their bait box and the ‘Gerber EVO Jr Knife 22-41493’ is ideal. When a hook has to be removed from a fish’s mouth, the ‘Gerber EVO Jr Knife 22-41493’ can help to do so. Not only is it easy to use this particular folding knife but the fish itself will experience minimal pain because a hook is removed quickly from their mouth.

Gerber Edge Knife 31-000669

With a curved handle, the ‘Gerber Edge Knife 31-000669’ is an aesthetically pleasing knife. Its handle comes in many colors and can be used by a DIY enthusiast, such as cutting strong cardboard boxes. Although scissors are an alternative, they aren’t safe to keep in a pocket because the scissor blades are exposed. As the blade in this folding knife is easy to remove, it can be replaced when it eventually becomes blunt.

Boker Magnum Law Enforcement Knife 01MB365

The ‘Boker Magnum Law Enforcement Knife 01MB365’ is regularly used by law enforcement professionals not just for protecting themselves but for cutting through objects. When a small knife is required, this folding knife is very suitable. With an easy-to-use handle, a carry clip can also be provided with a ‘Boker Magnum Law Enforcement Knife 01MB36’. If a man or woman wants to constantly carry this folding knife, it can be attached to their belt. As its blade is only 3.38” in size, it can even be hidden under clothing. When carried whilst camping, a rucksack won’t hit it because it is kept from view. Even if a man or woman wants to put this knife behind their back, they can by fixing it to their belt.

Tool Logic SL Knife with Rescue Kit SL6-T

Owning the ‘Tool Logic SL Knife with Rescue Kit SL6-T’ is very practical because it can be depended on in life-threatening situations. Provided in a tin, this folding knife can be put into a rucksack whilst camping. When searching for folding knives that have a multi-use function, the ‘Tool Logic SL Knife with Rescue Kit SL6-T’ can be picked, largely because many other items are provided with it. Along with an LED flashlight and a pocket clip, an emergency whistle is also supplied. If a white water rafter is about to attempt a treacherous course, they can carry the ‘Tool Logic SL Knife with Rescue Kit SL6-T’.

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