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Wednesday, April 23, 2014, 07:29 PM EDT
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Short-Term Rentals: Travel Like a Local With a Home Away From Home

Travel, especially to destinations such a beautiful and authentic Tel Aviv can be an extremely uncomfortable experience. You have not seen hustle and bustle taken to its purest form until you hit the streets of Tel Aviv while trying to get to a hotel from Natbag, Tel Aviv’s main airport. (Ben Gurion International Airport) If you want to see the markets and sights, think Madison Square Garden on New Year’s Eve… every single day. In 2013, Natbag airport saw over 15 million travelers hustle through its terminals, the majority of which were awe-eyed tourists, overwhelmed at being so near to one of the oldest cities in the world.

Once you have survived the airport, the streets and hotels only serve to escalate the anxiety most people feel at suddenly being a part of what can only be described as a tired mass of humanity snapping pictures and spending money. Many of those who come to Tel Aviv come for an extended-short stay. A period of at least three months for business… but also because that is about how long it takes to see all there is to see at least once, and often from a distance. There is that much to do, see, and enjoy.

There is, however, a way to avoid looking and feeling like a tourist, and travel to Tel Aviv like a local. It is almost as if you have lived there for years and can negotiate the crowds with ease, arriving at your destination without a hitch. How is this accomplished? Short term apartment rentals make Tel Aviv seem like your home away from home. Here are a few reasons why short term apartment rentals make you look as if you belonged in Tel Aviv all along.

  • There are dozens upon dozens of affordable yet classy neighborhoods from which to choose
  • Whatever your lifestyle, there is a short term apartment neighborhood that is perfect for you
  • Hotels can be great, but they all feel like you are living in a box after a month or more

Look for upscale yet low key neighborhoods like the Bavli neighborhood, near the Hayarkon River or authentic and historic Florentine near the Levinski Street markets. From these well researched areas, the business district and tons of fun are within reach… yet far enough away to make you feel at home when you need to. To know more click here.

Florentine is an exciting neighborhood in that it provides easy access to the beach, numerous “must see” sights, shopping, and Rothschild Blvd while still being sedate and charming. The buildings in the Florentine neighborhoods are old world architecture inspired by its nearness to Jaffe Jerusalem Railway and named after the industrious young man who purchased and developed the area in the 1920s… David Florentine.

If you really want that home away from home experience, consider the neighborhoods of Neve Tzedek, which was actually built a good 20 years before Tel Aviv became a city in 1909. The name Neve Tzedek is one of the names used for God (Jeremiah 50:7) and also translates rather nicely to mean Abode of Justice. Being true riches to rags to riches area, Neve Tzedek has the look and feel of a village while also vigorously holding the title as one of the most fashionable and desirable short term apartment rental locations in Tel Aviv. This just seems right since the city of Tel Aviv was built around the neighborhood.

The neighborhoods mentioned above represent dozens of locations that are just as hip, happening, sedate, quiet, shopping ready, and nightlife inspiring and they make Tel Aviv a very special place indeed. Renting a short term apartment in the areas of the city that do not have hotels standing on top of one another in order to get your attention makes travel to Tel Aviv far more comfortable. When you place yourself in a neighborhood apartment, you can come and go like a local and really learn to enjoy Israel’s second largest city as if it were home away from home.

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