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The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Saturday, December 16 2017 @ 02:10 AM EST
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Saturday, December 16 2017 @ 02:10 AM EST
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine

FlashPoint Candle Releases New Cove Line With Tropical Theme

FlashPoint Candle, a leader in creative candle décor and design for inside and outside of the home, announces the launch of its new COVE line for 2014. The assortment is focused on fragrances that evoke the relaxing mindset of a tropical island, the feeling of being at a lakeside or beachside resort. The new candle line will be released at America’s Mart in Atlanta, Georgia during the January Home Décor and Gift show. FlashPoint Candle will be showing the line in Building 2, Floor 8, Suite 825B.

“We have seen a trend with tropical scents becoming more and more popular. Most of us want to feel like we’re on vacation even in our own living room. That is the ultimate feeling, and one we hope to create with COVE. We like to ask, 'Where is your Cove?' Ultimately the depth of the question gets down to asking where is your place of sanctuary and happiness,” says Drea Groeschel, founder and CEO of FlashPoint Candle. “This line will be a lot of fun.”

Three fragrances and matching colors will be released: Blue with Nautical Breeze fragrance, Coral with Seaside Sorbet fragrance and Yellow with Bali Sands fragrance. The fragrance formulations are combined with premium, natural soy wax blends, and FlashPoint’s candles are hand-poured and hand-wicked at a 160,000-square-foot production and warehousing facility in Ohio. Each candle will be complete with a decorative dust cover for retail display.

The bowls for COVE are also very special. They are each hand thrown by master potters of Rowe Pottery Works in Cambridge, Wisconsin. The vessels can be repurposed and are perfect food serving bowls when finished with the candle; they are even dishwasher and microwave safe. “Handmade is always good for the soul,” says Drea Groeschel. “We are very proud to add this 100% USA made line to our FlashPoint Candle catalog of products.”

FlashPoint Candle distributes its products through leading landscape and garden retailers, furniture retailers and casual furniture specialists, gift and boutique stores, and e-commerce merchants.

About FlashPoint Candle
Founded in 2011 and based in Nashville, Tennessee, FlashPoint Candle is a leading provider of multi-wick soy blend candles in decorative ceramic vessels with reactive glaze finishes. FlashPoint Candles are unique usable, distinctive pieces, many of which are hand-crafted, that extend beyond being a light source to serving as stunning pieces of art to be used throughout the home.

For more information about FlashPoint Candle, visit: www.FlashPointCandle.com

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