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Sunday, July 24 2016 @ 02:48 AM EDT
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Fairway Market Features Chef Jesse Jones And His Famous Southern Style Healthier Chili

Fairway Market On Sunday, January 26, 2014, renowned Chef Jesse Jones was featured in a cooking demonstration on how to make a healthier chili ala Jesse Jones Southern Style. Chef Jesse Jones, a Fairway Market cooking consultant, took up a table near to the meat department and began his preparations while talking to a myriad of Fairway patrons who were shopping there. In his usual nonchalant manner, he fielded questions and greeted old friends while cooking the turkey and chicken meats and preparing his chili.

As soon as it was ready, there was a steady lineup waiting to taste his skilled preparation. Available were recipes and tasting. As he explained, his preference was to keep the chili at a moderate spicy taste and to have different degrees of hot additives for the consumer to adapt to their palate. His use of fresh ingredients with bold flavors to create Southern cuisine with a country French twist has set him apart from others as does his passion for using healthier alternatives in classic dishes. One could not leave Fairway Market hungry; a person could even stop at the massive display of olive oils and vinegar and help themselves to pieces of bread with which to sop up the tastes.

Fairway Market, located at the Fashion Center in Paramus had other food preparation booths spread out along the back corridor reaching from the delicatessen department, past the specialty fish and gourmet cheeses, past the in-store made Sushi, past the fresh fish and ending t the butcher operated meat department. The store was packed with shoppers and Fairway could have almost used a traffic director for the passage of the shopping carts. Near the checkout area, Jennifer Fellman, catering expert, offered a tray of sandwich bagels sliced from one gigantic bagel.

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