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Tuesday, July 26 2016 @ 12:31 AM EDT
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Bipartisan Policy Center Immigration Task Force Praises House Republican Progress on Immigration Reform

Theresa Cardinal Brown, director of immigration policy at the Bipartisan Policy Center, issued the following statement regarding the House Republicans’ principles for immigration reform:

“One of America’s greatest strengths has been its ability to make Americans of those who weren’t born here. We need and deserve an immigration system that reflects our values, supports our economic strength and allows all individuals to achieve their full potential. Such a system would enhance our national security and global position.

“Legislative consensus does not occur on its own. Instead, it is developed through intense negotiation and compromise. I am encouraged that Speaker Boehner and his colleagues are working together to find common ground on these challenging issues.

“House Republican leadership has demonstrated its strong intention to move legislation this year. Just this week in his State of the Union address, the president referenced his desire for immigration reform. Moving forward, congressional Democrats and Republicans, and the president need to continue working toward reforming our immigration system in support of our economy and our nation.

“Although we applaud this sign of progress, we must be mindful that much of the hardest work has yet to be done. Principles alone will not fix our broken immigration system. As our own bipartisan task force has moved from principles to policy specifics, we hope to support the efforts of all parties to craft sensible and achievable solutions to this pressing national problem.”

Read the task force staff’s latest analysis on demographics. For more information on BPC’s Immigration Task Force, please visit http://bipartisanpolicy.org/projects/immigration-task-force.

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