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Friday, July 29 2016 @ 01:49 PM EDT
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Chairman Currie Statement On Governor Christie's Monmouth Town Hall

- John Currie, Chairman of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee, responded to Governor Christie's twice-rescheduled town hall meeting in Monmouth County, where he appeared to deny responsibility for all of his administration's shortcomings.

"Listening to Governor Chris Christie make excuses is astonishing. Despite being accused of using federal monies to create a political slush fund, the governor continues to blame others, to make procedural excuses, and to play the victim," Chairman Currie said. "Where was this administration’s roll-up-the-sleeves, can-do attitude when the work (which remains undone) most needed to be done? Where is their commitment to work on behalf of the people of New Jersey?"

Currie continued, "Certainly, it is a difficult thing to look in the mirror and accept responsibility for one’s glaring failures. However, Governor Christie’s problems will only get worse until he removes his ego from a political calculus that should be apolitical, and recognizes that it was the incompetence and negligence of his administration that left survivors of the storm waiting, wanting, and grasping for answers that the governors’ team apparently has no plans to provide."

The situation for Superstorm Sandy survivors remains both dire and disconcerting: the Christie administration embraced crony contracts, and showed callous indifference toward people encountering red tape — many of whom were forced to carry mortgages on homes they had to abandon. They also dodged legislative hearings, skirted monitoring laws, ignored public records requests, and concealed the fact that a multimillion dollar contractor had been fired and that there was no plan for finding a replacement.

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