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Friday, July 29 2016 @ 05:39 PM EDT
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Fairway Market Debuts New Latin Table Series Of Food

The Latin Table Always on the alert to please its sophisticated clientele, Fairway Market has come out with a new line called The Latin Table. Found in the refrigerated deli pack-out cases, available are tamales and empanadas. They are easy to prepare; just put on a dish, cover and microwave for two minutes. Or, one can steam them on the stove for six to ten minutes. In no time at all, these delectable Latin treats will be ready.

We sampled the Black Bean Tamales, the Chicken Tamales, the Spicy Chicken Empanadas and the Portobello & Spinach Empanadas, all with Chipotle and Tomatillo sauces. Each had that genuine Latin taste and were eagerly devoured. The sauces gave a choice suitable for each palate.

There are three types of tamales -- beef, chicken and black bean -- and three empanadas --Argentine-spiced beef, spicy chicken and spinach-Portobello mushroom. Loaded with flavors, these pre-cooked items are made with the finest ingredients and are produced from traditional recipes. There are four tamales and two empanadas in a pack and each comes with a chipotle dip and an avocado-tomatillo sauce.
The tamales are made with masa --a corn meal dough --then wrapped in a cornhusk and steamed. The stuffed empanadas, which are baked, have a wheat-based pastry shell. Each pack sells for $4.99.

For those who are new to this type of food, Fairway has gone to great pains to produce these delicacies in an authentic manner. What is more interesting is that if one seeks these at an ethnic restaurant, there are many eating places that just offer the traditional fare and do not offer empanadas nor tamales on their menus. Fairway has made it easy for its valued customers to obtain authenticity and good taste. For more information go to www.fairwaymarket.com.

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