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Sunday, July 24 2016 @ 12:53 AM EDT
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AFP: Legislature Needs to Snuff Out Spending, Not E-Cigarettes - E-Cigarette Tax a Bad Idea from the Start

Americans for Prosperity is commenting on the proposed e-cigarette tax and the likelihood of its removal in this year’s budget.
“Rather than looking for ways to reduce spending, many state governments, including ours, have instead become increasingly creative in finding new items, groups, and activities to tax. The target du jour is e-cigarettes,” said AFP state director Daryn Iwicki.

“Americans for Prosperity has fought this tax in several other states and now in New Jersey, while making the case that this will put local business in our state at a further disadvantage. Scores of e-cigarette retailers have verified as much; testifying before committee about how this new tax will hurt their business and force them to cut jobs or curtail hiring. Americans for Prosperity not only strongly disagrees with this proposed tax, but disagrees that it is needed to find $35 million in revenue to fund the gap in the budget.”

“What we should be looking to do is flat out cutting this $35 million from next year’s budget. The fact is; the projection of $35 million in added revenues is grossly inaccurate and would end up as a shortfall during next year. The members of the committee should do the right thing and simply cut the money out of the budget,” contended Iwicki. “There is no reason why a measly $35 million—just 1% of the budget—cannot be removed.”

“We hope to see this be a nonissue moving forward and encourage the Legislature to not pursue this tax and, for a change, show that they actually do care about making New Jersey more competitive and welcoming to middle class business owners.”

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