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The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Monday, October 23 2017 @ 10:06 PM EDT
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Monday, October 23 2017 @ 10:06 PM EDT
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine

Mom's Favorite Music Will Sound Better Than Ever This Mother's Day With the Gift of Audio-Technica Headphones

Moms lead busy lives, and on Mother's Day, what would be better than a gift that lets them unwind and listen to favorite music while relaxing or working out? Audio-Technica's SonicFuel® ATH-CKX5iS, SonicSport® ATH-CKP200iS and QuietPoint® ATH-ANC33iS noise-cancelling headphones are in-ear smartphone-compatible, offer exceptional sound quality and comfort and are sure to be appreciated by moms everywhere.

The SonicFuel ATH-CKX5iS (SRP: US$49.95) in-ear headphones combine total comfort with outstanding sound quality and smartphone compatibility. It features Audio-Technica's exclusive 360-degree rotating eartips that adjust to the angles of the listener's ear canals, helping to create a comfortable, perfect seal for maximum bass impact and sound isolation. In addition, the ATH-CKX5iS comes with four sizes of eartips (XS, S, M and L) and three sizes of ergonomic C-tip earpieces that nestle in the ear for a stay-in-place fit.

The ATH-CKX5iS has a microphone and a cord-mounted remote that works with Apple® iPhone®, iPad®, iPod®, and other compatible smartphones and portable devices from companies like Samsung, HTC and more, enabling users to answer calls, control media and adjust volume. Its high-quality compact drivers deliver outstanding sound quality with impactful bass and isolation from outside noise. The ATH-CKX5iS is available in black, white, red, blue and green and comes with a carrying pouch. Also available are the SonicFuel ATH-CKX7iS (SRP: US$79.95) and ATH-CKX9iS (SRP: US$99.95), for a complete selection of colorful, comfortable, great-sounding in-ear headphones moms will be sure to enjoy.

Audio-Technica's SonicSport ATH-CKP200iS ear hook-style in-ear headphones are perfect for active moms. The superior-sounding, smartphone-capable ATH-CKP200iS (SRP: $US44.95) has an IPX5-certified waterproof rating and is sweat-proof and washable. Its hinged ear hook adjusts around the ears for a perfect fit. Its handy, cord-mounted in-line remote control lets the wearer control music track selection and volume on the fly, without having to reach for their smartphone or portable music player.

Available in black, yellow, red and blue, the ATH-CKP200iS comes with both standard silicone and ridged XS/S/M and L eartips to provide a choice of greater sound isolation or allowing in a low amount of ambient sound for greater safety outdoors. The ATH-CKP200iS is supplied with a cord clip and 2-foot (0.6 m) extension cord.

Every mom needs a little peace and quiet sometimes, and the QuietPoint in-ear ATH-ANC33iS (SRP: US$79.95) offers up to 90% noise-cancellation and smartphone capability, with a volume control with an inline mic/control for answering calls and controlling music. Like the SonicFuel and Sonic Sport models mentioned, the controller enables the user to play or pause music, answer and end calls, and go to the next or previous track.

The ATH-ANC33iS comes with Comply Foam TM Tips for unmatched comfort. The Comply ear tips are made out of special memory foam that expands to fit comfortably in the ear canal, for a more sound isolating fit and superior sound quality with better bass response, a detailed midrange and extended treble. The headphones also come with standard silicone eartips in S, M and L, a soft carrying case, an airline adapter and an AAA battery.

SonicFuel ATH-CKX5iS
SonicSport ATH-CKP200iS
QuietPoint ATH-ANC33iS

SonicFuel ATH-CKX5iS, ATH-CKX7iS and ATH-CKX9iS headphones
SonicSport ATH-CKP200iS headphones and other SonicSport models
QuietPoint ATH-ANC33iS headphones and other QuietPoint models

Celebrating over 50 years of audio excellence, Audio-Technica is renowned worldwide for a broad range of consumer and professional audio products, including high-performance headphones, microphones, wireless systems, turntables and phono cartridges. Winner of numerous industry awards, Audio-Technica designs and manufactures products that set quality, durability and price/performance standards for major concert tours, broadcast and recording studios, corporate and government facilities, theaters, house-of-worship venues, and consumer applications. Learn more at www.audio-technica.com.

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