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Saturday, May 28 2016 @ 11:51 PM EDT
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Employment Numbers Up for Recent Graduates at The John Marshall Law School in Chicago

Employment among 2013 graduates from The John Marshall Law School in Chicago increased at a far higher rate than the national average, according to recent law school-related employment figures. According to the American Bar Association, law schools overall saw little to no change in employment data. On average, the national percentage of 2013 law school grads employed in bar passage-required jobs was down 0.1 percent compared to the previous year. Conversely, The John Marshall Law School has seen significant growth.

The percentage of 2013 John Marshall graduates employed in bar passage-required, full-time jobs rose by 9.5 percent. The rate of those employed in bar passage-required jobs in part- or full-time positions was up by nearly 10 percent.

This growth came even as John Marshall’s graduating class size increased in 2013 to 446, from 414 in the previous year.

“Our students graduate with the skills and knowledge that are making them employable,” said Associate Dean for Professionalism & Career Strategy Justice Margaret O’Mara Frossard (ret). “They have talent, excellent writing skills, strong research skills and a deep understanding of the law that makes them ready for the job market.”

In addition, fewer 2013 John Marshall graduates were unemployed and seeking work than the national average. The percentage of John Marshall grads unemployed and still seeking work, at 10.7 percent, was below the national average of 11.2 percent.

“While it is still a challenging time for law schools and graduates, these numbers show that what we are doing is working,” Frossard said. “There is still room for all law schools to grow. But we are celebrating positive news when we get it. The results are commendable, and we will continue our efforts to place all of our graduates.”

John Marshall’s 2013 Graduate Employment Data:
• Bar passage-required: part- or full-time, long-term or temporary – up by 9.99 percent
• Bar passage-required: full-time, long-term – up by 9.52 percent
“We continue to be proud of our graduates who are practice ready and bring great enthusiasm to the profession, even as we face a tough market,” Dean John E. Corkery said.

For more information, visit www.jmls.edu/careerservices/students/ or please contact Christine Kraly at 312-427-2737 ext. 171, or ckraly@jmls.edu

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