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The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Wednesday, December 13 2017 @ 03:44 PM EST
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Wednesday, December 13 2017 @ 03:44 PM EST
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine

Foxy Juices Up The Produce Market With New Consumer And Retailer "Rejuicenate" Program

National Produce Company Launches Unique Retail and Online Educational Initiatives
To Excite Public About Healthy Eating and Drinking and Help Retailers Increase Produce Consumption)

Fresh Produce leader Foxy Produce http://www.foxy.com is strengthening America’s love affair with juicing by launching a free educational campaign they’re calling “REJUICENATE with Foxy”. The program, which introduces 20 easy-to-make liquid-based meals and snacks, is designed to teach the public fun and cost-effective ways to enjoy produce while simultaneously encouraging the consumption of whole vegetables and fruit.
Foxy will bring its “REJUICENATE with Foxy” initiative directly to the masses through the distribution of 1 million free recipe booklets placed in packages of Foxy Romaine Hearts, and the hosting of major in-store events Nationwide. At least 60 grocery stores have already signed on to hold juicing demonstrations and free tastings beginning April 2014 and continuing through October 2014.

Based upon the principles of Juice, Reuse, and Rejuvenate, the comprehensive menu celebrates produce in its many Foxy forms – whether whole, juiced, or repurposed. The program includes 10 original vegetable and fruit juicing concoctions, the introduction of three “liquid salads” – dressing included, two smoothies, four super juiced leftover pulp-infused snacks, and one dessert. The DIY recipes evolve - from simple to complex juicing combinations to wildly creative pulp-infused food ideas - transforming the produce food chain into a produce food wheel.

Recipes can be implemented at home, at any time, using any brand of juicer, and are designed to appeal to a variety of taste palates. For juicing novices, there are creations like “Refreshingly Simple” a sweet and clean juice made up of Foxy celery and green grapes. On the other end of the juicing spectrum is the “Green with Envy Superjuice” (Foxy kale, Foxy romaine, any brands of cucumber, mint, ginger, and lemon juice). There are also a variety of liquid salads that feature surprising renditions of traditional favorites like the “Waldorf”, the “Garden Salad” (which includes a dab of Ranch dressing – making it truly a salad), and a new “Spicy Salad” which provides an extra kick, compliments of two dashes of hot sauce.
Keeping with Foxy’s commitment to consumption of whole produce and minimizing waste, they have also invented a number of exciting and healthy snack ideas using juicing byproducts. Leftover pulp from “Green with Envy Superjuice” can be combined with hummus for a delightful new fresh vegetable spread. Likewise, “Turn the Beet Around Superjuice” (Foxy Beets, Foxy Strawberries) can be added to fresh pancake batter for naturally sweet and colorful hotcakes. Children and the produce-averse will be eating better while never the wiser.
One of America’s premier growers and shippers, Foxy places a premium on teaching the public new, more affordable ways to process produce at home. “Juicing has been a boon for the produce industry, enabling the public to find a new love for fresh vegetables and fruit. We’re launching this program to show consumers young and old alike that healthy food can taste great and be enjoyed in a variety of ways. We hope to inspire people to eat and drink better, and at the same time, help grocers and produce companies all across America sell more produce,” says Foxy Marketing Vice-President Matt Seeley.
Alongside its in-store activations, Foxy will launch a companion social media program to generate and invite new dialogue about the importance of healthy eating. Planned activities will include weekly chats on Twitter about healthy eating habits, photo sharing contests across Facebook, and encouraging the creation of consumer-generated video content featuring the public’s own DIY REJUICEINATING-style recipes.
More information about how to obtain REJUICENATING recipes, upcoming in-store promotions and dates, and to find where Foxy products are sold, please visit Foxy at http://www.foxy.com.

Founded by the Nunes family nearly forty years ago, Foxy Produce is a four-generation family-owned farming business. Though Foxy has expanded to sell full-lines of traditional and organic vegetables at major retailers nationwide, their commitment to their old-fashioned farming roots remains unchanged. Foxy packages straight from the fields to ensure that consumers receive the freshest produce possible and sells whole vegetables and fruit, to minimize processing. For more information about the company please visit Foxy at http://www.foxy.com or their social pages at:
FACEBOOK /Foxyproduce
TWITTER @foxyproduce
INSTAGRAM @foxyproduce
PINTEREST /Foxyproduce
YOUTUBE /FoxyFreshProduce

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