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The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Friday, October 20 2017 @ 10:22 AM EDT
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Friday, October 20 2017 @ 10:22 AM EDT
The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine

International Gathering To Teach The Art Of Crafting Powerful Jewish Retreats

Retreatology – The Art of Jewish Retreat-Making, May 30-June 1, Massachusetts

Moishe House, together with the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, will bring together some 40 young community organizers from around the world to learn the art of creating powerful peer-driven Jewish retreats, at the first “Retreatology

– The Art of Jewish Retreat-Making.”

“During the gathering we will work with the participants on all aspects of creating a gathering; from logistical planning to design, from facilitation to follow-up,” said Joel Stanley and Martin Storrow, Moishe House staff and the organizers of Retreatology. “Through creative workshops, practice and feedback sessions, participants will gain everything they need to craft transformative gatherings of their own.”

Retreatology, to take place May 30-June 1 in Dover, Mass., is part of the Schusterman Connection Points program, an initiative launched by the Schusterman Family Foundation to put young Jewish leaders at the helm of creating a series of gatherings around the world. Schusterman is a global organization that supports and creates innovative initiatives for the purpose of igniting the passion and unleashing the power in young people to create positive change in Jewish communities and beyond.

"Moishe House has been a pioneer in empowering young Jews to create meaningful experiences and a sense of community for their peers, and we are excited that their message has the chance to reverberate even more broadly,” said Lynn Schusterman, Founder and Co-Chair of the Schusterman Family Foundation. “I believe young people hold the key to building a vibrant global Jewish future, and we must invest in their passion and potential to do so.”

Over the past two years, Moishe House has planned and successfully executed more than 20 immersive learning and leadership training retreats that have led to hundreds of local follow up programs with tens of thousands of young adult participants.

At the conclusion of Retreatology, up to eight individuals or groups will be given the opportunity to create their own trainings for their peers through the partnership support of the Maimonides Foundation, which is focused on providing more Jewish learning and educational programming for young adults.

“We have seen this model work and are excited to give more people the opportunity to lead their peers in meaningful Jewish experiences,” said Stanley and Storrow.

Moishe House empowers young Jewish leaders to create vibrant home-based communities for themselves and their peers. The Schusterman Family Foundation has been supporting Moishe House since 2006, working in partnership with national and local funders to foster its growth into an international organization with more than 60 houses in 14 countries reaching 85,000 young Jews annually.

Recently the Schusterman Family Foundation began working with Moishe House to develop Moishe House Ignite, a leadership and professional growth program designed to empower Jewish adults in their 20s to reach new heights as professionals, community leaders and citizens by providing them with best-in-class training, coaching and relationship-building opportunities. During its first year, the program’s four multi-day trainings selected more than 130 participants from around the world to participate.

Storrow has been charged with building this important program, which has eight more multi-day trainings scheduled over the next two years. Retreatology participants will learn how to develop Jewish experiences based on the Moishe House model.

“Our team will work with the participants following Retreatology to support them as they put on their own retreats, and we look forward to seeing the tangible ripple effect that this Connection Point will have on communities across the world,” said Stanley and Storrow.

About Schusterman Connection Points:

Schusterman Connection Points, an initiative launched by the Schusterman Family Foundation, puts young Jewish leaders at the helm of creating a series of gatherings around the world. Designed as a new and meaningful way for young Jews to assemble with purpose, Connection Points are part of Schusterman’s broader investment in organizations and programs that empower young leaders to take an active role in shaping a vibrant Jewish future. For more information please visit http://www.schusterman.org/schusterman-connection-points.

About Moishe House:

Moishe House is a pluralistic international organization that provides meaningful Jewish experiences to young adults in their 20s. The innovative model trains, support, and sponsors young Jewish leaders as they create vibrant home-based communities for themselves and their peers. The approach has enabled the existing 61 houses worldwide to engage more than 85,000 attendees a year. From Shabbat dinners and Learning Retreats to book clubs and sporting events, residents find ways to connect their peers with community, wherever they are.

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