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Sunday, September 25 2016 @ 06:33 AM EDT

Fall Color in Your Garden

The Garden Club of Harrington Park is pleased to welcome back Dail Reid, Bergen County Rutgers Cooperative Extension Horticultural Consultant and Diagnostician, at it's meeting on Thursday, September 4th, at 7:30 P.M., in the Harrington Park Library, 10 Herring Street.  Dail will present "Fall Color in Your Garden", a lovely stroll through photos and information on bulbs, perennials and shrubs that bloom in Fall, berry in Fall, or have lovely fall leaf color.

As Dail so aptly puts it,  "Gardens planted for Fripen, enhancing the leaf shades around.  Flowing billows of ornamental grasses are at their showiest in Fall, swaying with ever stronger zephyrs, seedheads to overflowing." 

Dail's presentation will also cover a variety of end of season activities such as cleaning the vegetable and flower garden, planting peonies and garlic, and bringing in your tropicals. There will be an open question and answer period at the end of the powerpoint program.

Reid is a writer and webmaster for an Internet provider's Gardening Community, a teacher,  a lecturer, a Master Gardener, and an avid home gardener.  Her garden has been featured for many years on the Open Days Tour of The Garden Conservancy, a national garden organization.

All gardeners, active and armchair, from any town, are invited to attend this timely program.  

For more details or directions, log on to: http://www.gardenclubofharringtonpark.com/ or phone Garden  Club President Gerri Gibney at 201-768-2615.

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