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Wednesday, April 16, 2014, 12:04 PM EDT
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"Exodus On The Parkway" Report Shows New Jerseyans Getting Off Big-Government Highway

Americans for Prosperity state director Daryn Iwicki is responding to a recent report examining the impact of New Jersey’s tax climate on outbound migration.
“The recent study done by Regent Atlantic, “Exodus on the Parkway”, echoes what Americans for Prosperity has been saying for years about New Jersey: our oppressive tax climate is driving people out.

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"Native Plants in Your Landscape” with Nancy Slowik

THE MASTER GARDENERS OF BERGEN COUNTY Present:”Native Plants in Your Landscape” with Nancy Slowik
At the March meeting of the Bergen County Master Gardeners, there will be a presentation on “Native Plants in Your Landscape” by Nancy Slowik, with an interactive discussion on native plants that attract wildlife while adding color and variety to your existing plantings.Learn about the importance of native plants in our landscapes, the value of creating welcoming habitat for wildlife in our gardens, ecological restoration, wildlife meadows, habitat conservation, and more.

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Israeli Ambassador Tells Israeli-American Council (IAC) Gala In LA: PM Netanyahu Will ‘Do Whatever He Must Do’

Amb. Dermer And Waze CEO Noam Bardin Headline IAC’S Sixth Annual Gala: $2.5 Million Raised

Israel’s Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer told the Israeli American Council (IAC) last night that Israel will never allow a nuclear Iran and will take any necessary measures to defend itself.

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River Drive Construction Renovates Movado Group’s World Headquarters in Paramus, N.J.

Leading NJ-Based Construction Firm Creates Nurturing and Collaborative Design Studio For Luxury Watch Company’s Design Team

River Drive Construction, a leading New Jersey construction company, today announced that it has completed the renovation of luxury watch company Movado Group’s world headquarters at Mack-Cali Centre II, a Class A office building located at 650 From Road in Paramus, N.J.

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In Dealing With Concussions, Merging Sophisticated Therapies With Rehabilitation Is Sportscare Institute's Strategy

Thanks to a heavy dose of attention from the media and leading professional sports leagues, concussions are now a hot topic for athletes and those who care about them. Fortunately, SportsCare Institute has recognized the need for a post-concussion rehabilitation program and implemented a six-step return-to-play protocol. Based on symptom tolerance, the program enables certified athletic trainers and physical therapists to properly monitor patients' symptoms, plus physical and cognitive function.

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Wisniewski: Super Bowl Transportation Planning Fell Short

Assembly Deputy Speaker John Wisniewski (D-Middlesex), chairman of the Assembly transportation committee, released the following statement Monday after the panel heard testimony on the mass transit problems surrounding the Super Bowl:

“Today’s hearing was productive, but incomplete without the National Football League and NJ Transit.

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U.S. Paralympic Snowboarder Has “No Limits” As She Heads to Sochi

Heidi Jo Duce is a 23 year old adaptive snowboarder from Colorado who is pursuing her dream of snowboarding in Sochi, Russia. This will be the first time that adaptive snowboarding will be a part of the competition. Heidi is where she is today through hard work, determination, and Shriners Hospitals for Children®. Shriners Hospitals for Children has cared for Heidi since she was 18 months old and also introduced her to the sport of snowboarding through their adaptive sports clinic. They challenged her to accept no limits and pursue her dreams on the slopes.

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Meet Noelle and Baby Hal, Valley’s Medical “Robots”

In a private room at The Valley Hospital Center for Childbirth, Noelle is about to give birth to her first child. One minute everything seems fine; the next the labor and delivery team spring into emergency response mode as the obstetrician detects the signs of shoulder dystocia, an obstetrical emergency in which the head is delivered but one of the shoulders fails to pass through the pelvis and is "stuck."

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Nationally Known Breast Cancer Expert and Patient Advocate to Speak at the Ridgewood Library

Susan Love, M.D.
Breast cancer is the second most common cancer among American women. The American Cancer Society estimates that about 1 in 8 (12 percent) of women in the US will develop breast cancer during their lifetime.

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Retail Imports to Rise in March as Retailers Stock Up for Spring

Import volume at the nation’s major retail container ports is expected to increase 12.4 percent in March as retailers begin to stock up for the spring and the summer season, according to the monthly Global Port Tracker report released today by the National Retail Federation and Hackett Associates.

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Secured Versus Unsecured Loans

Navigating the world of lending can be a tricky business, particularly if you’re feeling the pressure of time. However, it’s best to be informed before you make any kind of financial decision, as a snap judgement could end up costing you dearly in the long run. Whether you’re after a new car, those much-needed home improvements or that dream holiday you’ve promised yourself, loans can help. The most important decision to make when choosing a loan is between secured and unsecured borrowing and you should evaluate your personal circumstances honestly to find out which route is best suited to your needs. If you’re unsure about which loan type is most appropriate for you, it’s a good idea to contact a lender like 1st Stop to discuss your options.

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Personal Investments: What Should I Consider?

If you’re thinking about making a personal investment, it’s important to think about your long-term financial goals and whether or not you’re in a position to invest. The volatile nature of the market means that individuals can pay dearly for making snap investment decisions without considering the consequences. This is why it’s especially important to consult with a firm that can offer expert advice on fluctuations in the current market, like Sanlam Private Investments. Even if you consider yourself to be financially competent, it’s always best to seek a specialist opinion.

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10 Year Low for Ukrainian Currency

In the last few days, the Ukrainian currency – the Hryvnia – has fallen to an all new low of ten to the United States dollar. Coming largely as a result of recent political upheavals and ongoing economic issues that date back some time, the currency's decline will only add to its country's need for international financial assistance. At this point, most of the pressure to help seems to be on the West and the International Monetary Fund, with Russia looking highly unlikely to offer any direct aid. Even prior to the recent political upheavals in the country, Ukraine's economic standing was dire. Shockingly, the economy is in fact even smaller than it was in 1992, in the early years of the post-Soviet period.

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Fight or Flight: How should Investors Respond to the Ukrainian Political Crisis

Back in the days when the fiscal cliff was huge news in the U.S., it was noticeable how the majority of investors and Wall Street veterans displayed robust resilience to its potential pitfalls. Rather than react to the negative sentiment and seek flight under the cover of a risk-averse strategy, they traded blows with the threat of austerity and helped to drive a strong and competitive financial market. While the markets and individuals indexes certainly suffered adversely, the impact was not nearly as bad as was initially feared.

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The Pros and Cons of Binary Options Trading: An Overview

The expression binary stands for two or double. Hence, the effectiveness of a binary option is dependent on a yes/no scheme. Binary option is a special kind of option where the payout is planned to be either a predetermined amount of a particular asset or nothing in the least. Asset-or-nothing binary option and cash-or-nothing binary option are two principal binary options that are used by the traders. Learning the ins and outs of binary options trading is essential to become a successful trader. Similar to any other form of investment, there are certain pros and cons of binary options trading that you need to be familiar with. Some of them have been discussed below:

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Shelter Our Sisters Work Described To Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club

Shelter Our Sisters offers safety, strength and hope to women and children who have suffered abuse. Abuse comes in many forms, Jean Kirch, Director of Development for SOS, told the Paramus Sunrise Rotary Club one Tuesday morning at their meeting. In a poll taken of the members, the amount of people who had suffered some sort of abuse or knew of them during their lifetime was amazing.

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Forced Harvesting of Human Organs Is Big Business

At a very well attended meeting of Sunset Rotary Club-Central Bergen on March 5th Dr. Damon Noto MD, here seen being greeted by Stephen Wolferman, club Membership Chairman and long time Paramus resident, revealed the horrific details of the forced harvesting of human organs, principally conducted today in China. Dr. Noto backed up his presentation with revealing statistics and graphs that show indisputably that China is harvesting organs from prisoners scheduled to be executed by lethal injections

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A Taste Of Pesach

A Taste of Peach arrived at my Jewish desk enclosed in a neatly and tightly wrapped corrugated cardboard. The book is presented beautifully as well. The recipes are even better! Easy to follow, along with pictures and menus, one will surely take to this book. Seared tuna, tangy English ribs and gefilte fish from scratch along with instructions on how to fry it. That's right, fried gefilte fish.

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“Resident Poet” is Adding to His Life’s Chapters at The Allendale Community for Mature Living

Centenarian Adrian Nader Reflects on a Lifetime in Writing and Publishing

Adrian Nader has had several long and satisfying careers over his lifetime – teacher, editor, naval officer and freelance writer. But it’s his love of words and poetry that brings him the fondest memories. A resident of The Atrium at The Allendale Community for Mature Living since 2006, Nader says that “poetry paints a picture in your mind.” Visitors only need to ask once to have him read an original poem from his published volume titled, “Echoes That Last,” and he gladly complies.

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Phillips 66’s Long-standing Partnership with JA Brings Financial Literacy to Life at Linden Schools

– Several volunteers from the Phillips 66 Bayway Refinery team proudly present Junior Achievement of New Jersey‘s Vice President of Development & Communications, Dawn Schwartz, a generous $10,000 donation to fund JA’s local elementary school programs. Annually, Phillips 66 volunteer role models bring JA to life at School Number 2 and School Number 4, in Linden, New Jersey, and the students look forward to their return each year

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