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Friday, April 29 2016 @ 03:46 PM EDT
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2011 Hyundai Elantra Could Set a New Benchmark for Safety, Style, Fuel Economy

Hyundai Elantra
Bill Ermerins made an evasive lane change at 120 mph in the 2011 Hyundai Elantra and lived to think about it -- and then he did it again and again. But he would not have done that in the 2010 model. Not that the old model is unsafe, but Ermerins is Hyundai's senior engineer for chassis, steering and brake tuning. He crafted the suspension on the 2011 Elantra, which has been completely re-engineered and redesigned.

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The Gifted and Inspiring Chris Botti Performs LIVE at Englewood’s bergenPAC

Chris Botti
Trumpeter Chris Botti is a talented musician that has established himself as a force in the music world. Having worked with many renowned artists such as Sting, John Mayer, Josh Groban, and Steven Tyler he is no stranger in the music industry. Since the release of his first album When I Fall In Love he has become one of the largest selling jazz instrumentalists. Chris Botti has had four #1 albums.
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New “Grab Guard” Security Device Prevents Thefts of Purses, Backpacks, Briefcases & More

Grab Guard
It’s a unique new security product that prevents the theft of all types of personal possessions -- effectively, affordably and even fashionably. Grab Guard® is a unique anti-theft solution that secures any purse, briefcase, backpack, laptop case, luggage, golf bag, bike and more -- preventing a thief from making off with those valuables. Grab Guard is a 2.5-inch wide circular lock that sports a retractable wire cable “lock line”. That innovative lock line is used to wrap around the strap of the valuable AND around a secure item like a sturdy chair; desk or table leg; or shopping cart handle and more.
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Denholtz Associates Reinvests in Core Operation Resulting in Strong 2010

Denholtz Associates, a New Jersey-based real estate development company, concluded an active year in 2010, having initiated a variety of capital improvement, marketing and reinvestment strategies throughout the year. Additionally, the privately held company saw occupancy rates increase across its multi-state portfolio as it continued its focus on meeting the needs of tenants in the marketplace.
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Residents of Heritage Pointe of Teaneck Enjoy Retirement Living Closer to Family After Years in Other Regions

Heritage Pointe of Teaneck
Former Snowbirds Relocating to Northeast from Sunbelt States

Retirement does not necessarily mean staying in one place. Many older adults who retired to Sunbelt states or became “snowbirds” by moving to warmers areas during the winter months are moving back to the Northeast to be closer to family. According to Saundra Pomerantz, community relations director at Heritage Pointe of Teaneck, approximately 20% of the residents who moved to the full-service retirement community in the past two years came from states such as Florida or Texas. For many seniors, this represents a return to the area where they had raised their children.
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The Timeless and Graceful Peking Acrobats Performs LIVE at Englewood’s bergenPAC

The Peking Acrobats
Since 1958, this troupe of talented diplomats of their amazing culture has been performing the ancient folk art, acrobatics, for audiences the world over. Hailing from the People’s Republic of China and carefully selected from the best acrobatic schools these gymnasts, jugglers, cyclists, and tumblers transform 2000-year-old athletic disciplines into exciting entertainment for all-ages.The Peking Acrobats made their western debut in 1986. With gravity defying contortion, dangerous wire-walking, trick-cycling, and daring chair maneuvers this group of acrobats keeps audience at the edge of their seat. They mix traditional Chinese instruments with high-tech special effects.
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The Atrium at The Allendale Community for Mature Living to Host History of Victorian Gowns

Unique Button Collection Highlights Trends During Queen Victoria’s Reign

The Atrium at The Allendale Community for Mature Living will be transformed back to the celebrated Victorian era with a unique, opulent display of evening and dinner gowns that are part of an in-depth fashion history lecture and discussion. The free program is open to the public and will be held at 1:30 p.m. on Mon., Feb. 14 at The Allendale Community, which is easily accessible via a private driveway off Route 17 South.
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The 7: Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life

The 7: Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life by Glenn Beck and Keith Ablow
Glenn Beck lost it all: his family, his money, his honor. His life was essentially over. With nothing left to lose, he decided to make a series of changes. Now, years later, he is successful, he has a wonderful wife and beautiful children. But most important, he is happy. THE 7: SEVEN WONDERS THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE (Threshold Editions; January 2011; $24.99) is the story of how he did it—and how you can do it, too.


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Community Workshops Enhance Wellness

Care Plus Innovations, a newly formed subsidiary of Care Plus NJ, introduces its 2011 Speaker Series. These small group workshops are designed to provide Norther New Jersey community members and professionals with reliable information and valuable resources on relevant mental health related topics. All workshops are presented by mental health professionals and take place at Care Plus NJ, 610 Valley Health Plaza, Paramus NJ 07652. To register: Lindsay Rivera at 201-265-8200 x 211.
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BoatUS Foundation President Ruth Wood Sets Sail

BoatUS Foundation President Ruth Wood
Chris Edmonston Appointed President
After 28 years with the BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water, most recently serving as the 501(c)(3) non-profit’s President for the last five years, Ruth Wood has announced her retirement. She plans to continue her passion for choral singing and spending time outdoors camping, hiking, sailing and kayaking with her Golden Retriever, Jackie. She will also remain as a volunteer member of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation, helping to guide the organization well into the next decade.
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R&S Landscaping Demonstrates Green Roof Technology at 15th Annual Plant-O-Rama Event

R&S Landscaping, the region’s leading environmentally responsible landscape design and development firm, took part in the 15th annual Plant-O-Rama on Jan. 25. As one of the featured presenters at the event, which was held at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, professionals from R&S Landscaping explained the benefits of sustainable landscape design while showcasing their latest green roof technology.
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Procida Funding Provides More Money, Opportunities And Advice Than The Big Banks With Its ‘FIX EM and FLIP EM’ Program

Billy Procida
Billy Procida grew up in real estate and development, learned at an early age his passion for real estate and has always kept his pulse on the current trends. Procida is once again leading the industry by working with local contractors, developers and private investors by providing funding for foreclosures and short sales within the New Jersey innovative Area with his Fix ‘Em & Flip ‘Em program.
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“Pet” Cobra Snake Bite this Week in NJ is one of Thousands of Residential Wild Animal Incidents that Lead to Critical Injury

Born Free USA Exotic Animal Database sheds light on public safety issue
Born Free USA, a leader in animal welfare and wildlife conservation, says that a snake bite that sent a Fair Lawn, NJ man to the hospital in critical condition on Monday, is just one of thousands of unnecessary occurrences between wild and exotic animals and humans. Every year, captive wild animals kept as private “pets,” as well as in zoos and circuses, are involved in incidents that result in human injury or death. Millions of reptiles -- snakes and lizards -- in private possession pose severe safety risks to humans, including the transmission of deadly diseases, strangulations, and bites. Snakes are the most common “pet” reptiles - about 3 percent of U.S. households possess 7.3 million pet reptiles.
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Opportunity Scholarship Act, Electric Cars & Budget Update Top Thursday Assembly Agendas

Legislation to encourage private corporations to pay for private school scholarships for low-income students in chronically failing public schools and a bill package to promote electric cars in New Jersey top the Assembly’s Thursday committee agendas. Also on tap are hearings to update this year’s state budget situation and discuss higher education concerns and legislation to encourage local government consolidation, create a drug treatment program for nonviolent offenders and authorize free state park admission and hunting for veterans.
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Perth Amboy Mayor Redefines Approach to Economic Growth

Helga van Eckert
Implements Innovative New Economic Development Strategy
In a bold response to the state of the economy, the City of Perth Amboy has announced that it has restructured its approach to economic revitalization and growth with the goal of competing nationally in terms of business recruitment and economic development. For more than a decade, the city has operated separate offices for the Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ), the Business Improvement District (BID), Redevelopment and Economic and Community Development. Today, these powerful economic development functions, while remaining separate divisions, have been united to balance the growth of new business with the revitalization of existing commerce.
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Family Tested - and Approved!

Family Tested
No one believed it when I said I'd be bringing salmon to the next family party. "Are you getting it from Costco?" my aunt called out from the next room. "What? No, I'm making it."  Everyone exchanged a series of not-so-subtle glances and immediately began discussing the weather. Never in the history of family get-togethers had I contributed anything more than sodas, flowers and cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving. Now I was offering to prepare the main course for our Hanukkah dinner. My grandmother reluctantly agreed but sweetly added she'd make lasagna, or maybe a brisket.

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Inching Along the Icy Highways and Walkways

I got up early this morning and thought of doing a Rotary makeup at the Allendale Rotary Club. When I reached my all wheel drive crossover, the ice was caked so thick that it was a problem trying to pry open any of the doors. This despite a remote door unlocker. Not to be daunted, I got out my telescoping scraper/cleaner and began to remove the crusted ice. With the engine on and the defroster blowing hot, it didn’t seem like too formidable a task. The clincher was when my ice scraper end broke. So much for Allendale and Rotary.
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Verizon Wireless to Offer Exclusive Pre-Orders for iPhone 4 on Feb. 3

Pre-registered Customers Can Order iPhone 4 One Week Before General Availability

BASKING RIDGE, N.J. – Verizon Wireless and Apple today announced an exclusive opportunity for Verizon Wireless’ 94 million customers to pre-order an iPhone 4 online beginning at 3 a.m. EST on Feb. 3. In an unprecedented move, Verizon Wireless has set aside a limited quantity of iPhone 4 smartphones solely for existing customers. Orders will be shipped to arrive on or before Feb. 10. 
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America Has Unfinished Business with Agent Orange

After a year of research and reporting about the legacy of Agent Orange, I feel certain of one thing: We don't yet know the full extentofdioxin'sharm. It appears to be a story with no end in sight. On Sunday, The Plain Dealer ran a special report titled "Unfinished Business" (cleveland.com/agentorange). 
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A Christian Business in the Left's Crosshairs

Michelle Malkin
Here's a modest proposal for liberals who say they support job creation: Stop smearing successful, law-abiding private companies whose values don't comport with yours. I'm looking at you, New York Times. Chick-fil-A is an American success story. Founded by Georgian entrepreneur Truett Cathy in 1946, the family-owned chicken-sandwich chain is one of the country's largest fast-food businesses. It employs some 50,000 workers across the country at 1,500 outlets in nearly 40 states and the District of Columbia. The company generates more than $2 billion in revenue and serves millions of happy customers with trademark Southern hospitality.

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