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Monday, October 05 2015 @ 05:02 PM EDT
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Whole Foods Celebrates One Year in Paramus

Wholefood- Whole Foods recently celebrated its first year at the Bergen Town Center in Paramus. Invited were Bergen County dignitaries, Mayor James Tedesco, Council Liaison Maureen O’Brien and members of the Paramus Chamber of Commerce.

The day’s celebration included:
An awards breakfast from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. to celebrate the first successful year of Whole Foods Market Paramus. The breakfast attendees included The Paramus Chamber of Commerce, Bergen County Department of Labor, Bergen Community College Board and the many local non-profit organizations that have partnered with the store over the last year.
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Wagner: Taxpayers Who Contributed To Pensions For Corrupt Officals Deserve A Break

Assemblywoman Connie Wagner
Assemblywoman Connie Wagner on Monday announced she plans to introduce legislation that would provide relief to taxpayers who contributed money toward the pensions of officials who ended up being convicted of corruption.

“New Jersey communities that contributed hard-earned money to the pensions of corrupt officials deserve a break,” said Wagner (D-Bergen). “Taxpayers expect honorable service, and they shouldn’t be financially penalized when they get otherwise.”
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Bergen Chapter Of NJAWBO To Host Networking Evening With Women Pro Soccer Players

Sky Blue Football Club
Special Family Event Features Coach and Players from Sky Blue Football Club

PARAMUS, N.J., April 5, 2010 – The Bergen chapter of the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners (NJAWBO) invites area professionals and families to network and meet key members of Sky Blue FC (Football Club), a professional women’s soccer team, on Wednesday, April 28 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. The event is being sponsored by The NIA Group at the agency’s office at 66 Route 17 North in Paramus. The price is $20 for all adult attendees and free for children. Children ages 8 and up are welcome to attend, meet the players and have their photos taken with them.
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Reducing Waste

Reducing waste happens before the landfill.
We Americans produce over 4 pounds of garbage per person each day, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. This adds up to 29 pounds per week and 1,600 pounds a year. What happens to all that trash?

Most garbage haulers dump the garbage at a transfer station. Recyclables are sorted mainly by hand, on a conveyer belt. Plastics, particularly numbers 1-7, are crushed and baled by a "Wall-e" type machine that produces perfect cubes.
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Share Your Storym, Teachers

 Labor Day always triggers memories of the two most important hourly wage earners in my life: my mother and my father.  My dad's hard hat and lunch pail and my mom's nurse's aide badge are prominently displayed in my home office. They are reminders of a debt I can never repay. Like so many working-class parents, my mother and father wore their bodies out to build far different lives for their children.

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Mexican Passover Cooking Demonstration at Rosa Mexicano

Rosa Mexicano Rosa Mexicano Executive Chef Dennis Lake presided over a Mexican Passover Cooking Demonstration on Saturday morning, March 27th. Welcomed by Sheree Wu, I was escorted to the back room where the cooking demonstration was to be held. It was there that I met affable Executive Chef Dennis Lake. On each seat was a preparation sheet of the items to be demonstrated, the ingredients and the preparation.
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It’s A Yankee Celebration at bergenPAC! A Special VIP Yankee Ticket Giveaway and Discount Offer!

Bernie Williams
Former New York Yankees Centerfielder and Current Jazz Guitarist
Bernie Williams Performs Live April 22, 2010

Sponsored by Benzel-Busch, proudly representing Mercedes, Maybach, Audi and smart-Beyond Your Expectations

Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 8PM
Tickets: $69, $59, $51, $39, $29
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Glazes for Ham, Rubs for Lamb Impart Flavors for Spring

Just as Peeps and chocolate bunnies are de rigueur in Easter baskets, so is a leg o' lamb or a half ham the quintessential centerpiece for a spring feast. And because these meats are holiday fare, they need to be dolled up in their prettiest — and tastiest — finery.

For ham, you want it to shine bright with fruity glazes. As the good editors at America's Test Kitchen say, "A cured ham without a shiny, sweet glaze is like a hug without a squeeze: incomplete."
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Potential Buyers Receive Education on Making Effortless Move During Wanaque Reserve's Recent 'EZ Move' Seminar

Wanaque Reserve
-- Del Webb Community Invited the Region's Active-Adult Buyers to Enjoy Complimentary Refreshments and Advice from an Expert on March 21 -

The spring homebuying season is here, and Del Webb knows that making the big move can be quite challenging. With that in mind, the leader of active-adult housing is hoping to alleviate the stress of selling a home by holding seminar about creating a hassle-free buying and selling experience.
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The Vegetarian Slow Cooker

THE VEGETARIAN SLOW COOKER: Over 200 Delicious Recipes by Judith Finlayson

“To me, there’s more to using a slow cooker than just putting food on the table. In my opinion, the meals it allows you to prepare nourish both body and soul. There are few experiences more pleasurable than coming home to be greeted by the appetizing aroma of a meal simmering in the kitchen.”
Judith Finlayson
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Henry Waxman: The Witch Hunter of Capitol Hill

Has there ever been a time when 18-term liberal Democratic Rep. Henry Waxman's nostrils weren't flaring indignantly at corporate executives and entrepreneurs? The man wields his gavel over the free market like a Damoclean sword. He throws the weight of his congressional chairmanship around like a sumo wrestler walking across hot stones. For more than 35 years, Waxman has made it his taxpayer-funded business to use the power of government to undermine private business.
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We the People in a Land of 'I's'

By now, millions of people around the world have viewed the video showing a middle-aged guy taunting an older man with Parkinson's disease at a protest in Columbus, Ohio, over health care reform.

That's how it works in these days of YouTube and the World Wide Web. A healthy man picks on someone who's disabled and, before you know it, students in Hong Kong are posting a video of ugly America on Facebook.
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Railroad Car Gone in Rochelle Park .. Not an April Fool Joke

On April 1st, April Fools Day, a giant crane lifted the railroad car from its habitat near the Rochelle Ave railroad crossing. It was being transported to a new resting place after being sold to new owners. The railroad car dated back to the 1900’s. The familiar landmark will be missed.
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My Retirement By Chief Richard J. Cary

Chief Richard J. Cary
Mayor Tedesco

April 3, 2010 will mark my 35 year anniversary as a police officer for the Borough of Paramus. I have commanded the Police Department since February 1, 2007 following the retirement of Chief Corrubia. My appointment by you to the position of chief on May 27, 2008 was obviously the pinnacle of my career and your confidence in me has been very much appreciated.
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Famed Composer, Musician and Satirist PETER SCHICKELE Brings P.D.Q. Bach to Life At Englewood’s bergenPAC

Friday April 30th- 8:00 PM
$69, $49, $42, $39, $29

Composer, musician, and satirist Peter Schickele delves into the music of the infamous and nefarious P.D.Q Bach in this concert that masterfully mixes mirth and music in ways that only Schickele can. Don’t miss this evening of hilarity! The program includes “Allegretto Gabinetto” for plumber and itinerant keyboarder, “2nd door on the left,” “Swing Sweet, Low Chariot” for tenor and other things, “Twelve Quite Heavenly Songs” and “The Short-Tempered Clavier, S. easy as 3.14159265.” “…a very, very funny show, even for people who like music but don’t know why.” - The New York Times
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R&S Landscaping and Backyard Living to Host Four Free Seminars in April

R&S Landscaping and Backyard Living to Host Four Free Seminars in April

Topics Include ‘Environmentally Friendly Property Maintenance’, ‘Renovating Your Overgrown Landscape’ and ‘Macro Photography for Gardeners’ April is an exciting month for local homeowners and gardening enthusiasts. In addition to being the first full month of spring, April features some unique seminars from R&S Landscaping and Backyard Living. After kicking off their 2010 seminar series last month, the companies will come together to offer four free seminars in April:
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Eight-Time Grammy Winner GEORGE BENSON Returns Home To Englewood! LIVE at bergenPAC

Saturday April 10th - 8:00 PM
$100, $85, $59, $39, $29

From Jazz guitar legend to soul-vocalist extraordinaire, eight-time Grammy winner George Benson is back at bergenPAC. Enjoy his songs from his 1976 hit “Breezin’” to such hits as “On Broadway” and “Give Me the Night.”
At various points along the four-decade continuum of George Benson’s career, he has been heralded as a jazz guitarist of unparalleled chops, a vocalist with great emotional range and sophistication or a combination of both. However, he regards himself as an entertainer in the broadest sense of the word – a singer of songs, a spinner of tales.
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Prototype for Sustainable House Wins Design Award

Architects' Group Honors PREtty FAB House in Jersey City, N.J.

PREtty FAB, a prototype for an economically and environmentally sustainable single-family house designed by New York City-based GRO Architects, has won a Merit Award in the "Built" category from the New Jersey chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA-NJ). The award was announced at AIA-NJ's annual Design Day event at Princeton Theological Seminary in Princeton, N.J., and presented at a recent awards dinner held at Thomas Edison College in Trenton, N.J.
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Wild West Fun at Home on the Range - Children’s Aid and Family Services’ Spring Gala

CAFS - Home on The Range. Children’s Aid and Family Services brought the old west to northern New Jersey with its recent spring gala, “Home on the Range.” The Hackensack Golf Club in Oradell, NJ was transformed into the Wild West, complete with a jail, watering hole and cactuses. The guests mingled with can-can dancing girls and country star celebrity look-alikes Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson.
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West Side Presbyterian Church Hosts ‘Eco Friendly Lawn and Grounds Care’ Workshop on April 15

On April 15, homeowners from Ridgewood and its neighboring communities are invited to West Side Presbyterian Church to participate in a discussion on environmentally responsible lawn care and landscape maintenance practices.Beginning at 7 p.m., Robert Schucker, president of R&S Landscaping, the region’s leading environmentally responsible landscaping firm, will lead a workshop, “Eco Friendly Lawn and Grounds Care,” which will focus on the choices that homeowners have for reducing the use of pesticides on their grounds.

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