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The Paramus Post - Greater Paramus News and Lifestyle Webzine
Saturday, October 01 2016 @ 11:31 AM EDT

What to Do to Save Your Business from a Crisis

In business, there's no such thing as a certainty. One day, things could be going great, and the next day you're in a financial crisis. There could be any number of reasons for this: someone could have died who was crucial to the business, there could have been a natural disaster which destroyed your data storage, you could have a PR nightmare on your hands like BP or Target, or your industry simply hit a downturn. Whatever the reason for the crisis, it's important to take steps to ensure your survival. Here are several that come to mind right away:

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Trading Stocks with Binary Options in US- Be Successful

One of the oldest ways of earning good money, trade, like everything else on this planet has evolved to fit the ways of the modern 21st century. Traders, today, have started depending on the unconventional trading options in order to earn money the s impler way. And thus, one sees the rise of different modes of trading. Trading by means of binary options has grown to be one f the most sought after options by traders on the block.

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Classifieds of South Africa- A One Stop For All

When it comes to getting useful products and services, people may often get confused as to choosing the best source. Classifieds is that one such stop with the help of which any one can get any kind products and services. The classifieds of South Africa are one of the best features that the citizens of the country can avail of. A country so rich in culture and civilisation has to prove to be an efficient one when it comes to advertising. All the sites and companies that deal with the all classifieds are great source for one and all. With the help of classifieds, people can get their required services and products as per their needs and requirements.

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14 Money Rules For Success in the Age of 20

Your twenties can be a really hard time, especially about finances, and that is why now you should listen to others and be attentive. Surely, when you get paid for your work, you want to get out and spend the money, because you’ve deserved it by working hard (or not that hard). It’s ok, but only if you don’t spend all the money you’ve got for the month. Though money management talks are really boring and tough sometimes, you still have to have a plan for your finances. Here are fourteen basic tips for you to follow, so that you don’t appear a bankrupt during your twenties.

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How to Build Your Mobile App Business with Cloud Computing

The mobile app market is a lucrative industry for developers and publishers. With the right idea for app platforms plus the development tools and business model, we can develop its economy and generate income from different channels.

Statistics validate the profitability and the opportunities in store for us. Distimo, a mobile app research firm, recently published a study indicating that Asia is the most lucrative mobile app market in the world, with 41% of global app revenue in December 2013 followed by a 31% share from North America and 23% from Europe.

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Successful Business Needs Perfect Support and Assistance

Any business needs proper support and assistance with the help of which it can grow as well as progress efficiently. Especially if a business is in its early stages, it does need correct guidance with the help of which it can grow and spread itself in all possible places. Proper assistance is needed especially in financing matters, without which any business may be doomed to have an unexpected ending.

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Mistakes to Avoid in Forex Trading

I don’t know about everyone of you out there, but for me no matter how much I make, my needs seem to grow proportionately with them. Thus, a little extra cash is always appreciated, and presently one of the most common ways of raking up some extra dough every month is trading in the foreign exchange market. But there are some fundamental mistakes that beginners make in the Forex market which can injure their financial capital greatly and defeat the entire purpose of joining the trade in the first place.

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Best Times to Sell A Business

One of the signs that your company is successful occurs when buyers contact you, asking if you're open to selling your firm. These types of conversations happen every year in the corporate world. That's because buying and selling a business are quick ways to grow revenues and restructure companies so that they function more efficiently.

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Top Tips to Keeping A Customer’s Trust in Your Business

Have you ever seen a rock band belting out tune after tune, night after night, but still managing to keep the atmosphere electric, as though they were playing the songs for the very first time?

It’s an amazing experience, as though they’re performing just for you. And it’s a lesson that every business could learn from – add the personal touch to your service and you’ll have customers coming back for more.

But what do people really want from a business to make it seem more personal? Well, look at some of these tips to find out.

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Secured Versus Unsecured Loans

Navigating the world of lending can be a tricky business, particularly if you’re feeling the pressure of time. However, it’s best to be informed before you make any kind of financial decision, as a snap judgement could end up costing you dearly in the long run. Whether you’re after a new car, those much-needed home improvements or that dream holiday you’ve promised yourself, loans can help. The most important decision to make when choosing a loan is between secured and unsecured borrowing and you should evaluate your personal circumstances honestly to find out which route is best suited to your needs. If you’re unsure about which loan type is most appropriate for you, it’s a good idea to contact a lender like 1st Stop to discuss your options.

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Personal Investments: What Should I Consider?

If you’re thinking about making a personal investment, it’s important to think about your long-term financial goals and whether or not you’re in a position to invest. The volatile nature of the market means that individuals can pay dearly for making snap investment decisions without considering the consequences. This is why it’s especially important to consult with a firm that can offer expert advice on fluctuations in the current market, like Sanlam Private Investments. Even if you consider yourself to be financially competent, it’s always best to seek a specialist opinion.

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10 Year Low for Ukrainian Currency

In the last few days, the Ukrainian currency – the Hryvnia – has fallen to an all new low of ten to the United States dollar. Coming largely as a result of recent political upheavals and ongoing economic issues that date back some time, the currency's decline will only add to its country's need for international financial assistance. At this point, most of the pressure to help seems to be on the West and the International Monetary Fund, with Russia looking highly unlikely to offer any direct aid. Even prior to the recent political upheavals in the country, Ukraine's economic standing was dire. Shockingly, the economy is in fact even smaller than it was in 1992, in the early years of the post-Soviet period.

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Fight or Flight: How should Investors Respond to the Ukrainian Political Crisis

Back in the days when the fiscal cliff was huge news in the U.S., it was noticeable how the majority of investors and Wall Street veterans displayed robust resilience to its potential pitfalls. Rather than react to the negative sentiment and seek flight under the cover of a risk-averse strategy, they traded blows with the threat of austerity and helped to drive a strong and competitive financial market. While the markets and individuals indexes certainly suffered adversely, the impact was not nearly as bad as was initially feared.

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The Pros and Cons of Binary Options Trading: An Overview

The expression binary stands for two or double. Hence, the effectiveness of a binary option is dependent on a yes/no scheme. Binary option is a special kind of option where the payout is planned to be either a predetermined amount of a particular asset or nothing in the least. Asset-or-nothing binary option and cash-or-nothing binary option are two principal binary options that are used by the traders. Learning the ins and outs of binary options trading is essential to become a successful trader. Similar to any other form of investment, there are certain pros and cons of binary options trading that you need to be familiar with. Some of them have been discussed below:

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A Crash Course in Basic Forex Terminology

Unarguably the largest market operating today, the foreign exchange market has a daily average trade volume of $1.9 trillion dollars. Having such large amounts of money being traded through the exchange gives it the volatility and liquidity that attracts both short-term traders and long-term investors. But what exactly is Forex? And how can one use it to supplement full-tine income or add to his/her current investment portfolio?

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Manage Your Home Finance And Enhance Your Security Measures Through ADT Pulse

Buying a home is not a matter of joke. Even if, you have selected a home of your choice, you will have to consider financing options. It is true that a home is one of your most prized possessions, but in order to achieve that possession, you will have to make lots of efforts. As you think of buying a home, you will have to consider your needs, and especially your budget. There are homes in various prices, but if you do not fix your budget in advance, it will be difficult to make a move in the future.

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