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Saturday, May 23 2015 @ 09:23 AM EDT
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Towing a Big Boat on the Road? BoatUS Trailering Club Offers Discount Wide-Load Permit Service

It’s not wise to be caught without an “oversize” permit if your boat is wider than eight-and-a-half feet.

Wide-Load Trip Planning Tips

If your boat has a beam greater than eight-and-a-half-feet, 47 states as well as the District of Columbia require a wide-load or “oversize” permit to tow it over the road. If you’re towing the boat locally, getting one permit isn’t that hard if you are familiar with the process.
However, for longer trips across state lines, getting the necessary multiple permits isn’t that simple because each state requires its own permit. That’s a lot of time and paperwork. To help make this process easier, the BoatUS Trailering Club now offers a Wide-Load Permit Service in partnership with Mercury Permit Services.

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LFI Design Symposia Return To Showcase The Impact Of Light On All Industries

The Design Symposia, which premiered last year at the 2010 LIGHTFAIR International (LFI) as part of its renowned conference program, will return in 2011 with experts of affiliated industries to highlight the diversity of lighting design and how it is incorporated into industries across the spectrum.
An educational platform to showcase how other industries align with and are impacted by light and design, the Design Symposia will feature four 90-minute sessions. Each symposium will be presented by acclaimed professionals within the landscape, design and architecture industries. They will speak about the importance and impact of light on their design processes and projects.

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We Can Be Sisters to Mothers We've Never Met

Connie Schultz

Surely, you and I can agree on this: No child in America deserves to live in poverty. Yet a record number of children in this country -- experts say nearly 25 percent -- will not have enough to eat or a place to call home at some point this year. We know this is wrong. We also know how to help -- even if we don't yet realize it.

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The Witch Hunt Against Gun Owners

Michelle Malkin

"The Second Amendment," Charlton Heston used to say, "is America's first freedom." The Second secures the rest.
It's a message narcissistic journalists need to hear again. A decade ago, Heston chastised the media in a National Press Club speech for its collective ignorance, apathy and open hostility toward gun owners' rights:

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Osem Delivers Mitzvah & More With Each 5-Lb Passover Matzah

New Whole Wheat & Regular 5-lb Matzah Include Free Freshness Pouch, Coupons, Scenes from the Passover Haggadah, Matzah with a Mitzvah, & More
Gluten Free & Lactose Free Kosher for Passover Offered by Osem
Osem, the largest kosher grocery food manufacturer in the world, headquartered in Israel, offers the first 5-lb whole wheat Kosher-for-Passover 5-box bundle, jam packed with value-added extras that will help ease consumers’ pocketbook, keep their matzah extra fresh and help plant trees in Israel too! OSEM’s regular and whole wheat 5-lb matzah will include a free large freshness pouch to keep matzah extra fresh and crisp this Passover.

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The Atrium Transports Seniors Back in Time to the Victorian Era

Fashion History Program Highlights Attire from Late 1800s/Early 1900s

The Victorian era was recently celebrated at The Atrium at The Allendale Community for Mature Living with a unique, opulent display of evening and dinner gowns and vintage accessories. Hosted by Johanna Van Der Heijden (left), proprietor of Johanna’s Boutique Showtime in Belvidere, N.J., the fashion history lecture and discussion featured an array of gowns and wedding ensembles as well as hats, lace, pearls, ruffles and petty coats from the late 1800s and early 1900s.

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Coughlin, Wagner & Conners Bill To Help Redevelop Contaminated Properties Continues Advancing

Measure to Provide No-Interest Loans for Site Remediation Clears Panel
A bill sponsored by Assembly Democrats Craig J. Coughlin, Connie Wagner and Jack Conners to help local governments clean up contaminated properties continues advancing.

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Menendez Leads Bi-Partisan Fight to Protect 300 Shirt Manufacturing Jobs in Newark and Perth Amboy

Sens. Alexander and Casey Join Efforts to Save Protect 10,000 Manufacturing, Agriculture, Production Jobs Across the Country

Unfair Tariff Encourages American Companies to Move Factories to Mexico, Canada

Menendez: “Leveling Playing Field will Help Us Create Jobs in New Jersey, Not Overseas”

Ending an unfair advantage for foreign shirt manufacturers will help protect as many as 10,000 American jobs – including 300 manufacturing jobs in New Jersey – a bi-partisan group of Senators said today. US Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) joined with Senators Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and Bob Casey (D-PA) to lead the fight to help refund many of the unfair duties on domestic shirt makers – leveling the playing field for American businesses and protecting American workers.

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You’ve Got a Friend - Belly Bandit Launches the B.F.F., A Revolutionary New “Body Formulated Fit” Post-Pregnancy Compression Ban

New moms, get ret ready to meet your new “bestie”—Belly Bandit, the brand renowned for modernizing post-pregnancy compression bands, is poised to launch the next generation of shape wear, the B.F.F., Body Formulated Fit, on March 15, 2011. The most advanced post-pregnancy compression band on the market, the B.F.F features an innovative technical, corset-inspired design that miraculously conforms to any body type with six uniquely shaped panels that cinch the belly, hips and waist back to their pre-pregnancy shape. Unlike other shape wear, the B.F.F.’s patented Body Formulated Fit also provides two different levels of simultaneous compression and two additional inches of Velcro adjustability, making it the first-ever customizable compression garment in the industry.

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Electrifying Our Future

By Assemblyman Wayne P. DeAngelo and Assemblywoman Connie Wagner

While some may prefer to discourage the promotion and development of electric cars in New Jersey, here’s some fiscal reality that working class New Jersey families know all too well - gas prices have risen 33 cents in the past two weeks and are taking a larger bite from already-stretched household budgets.

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