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Sunday, May 24 2015 @ 05:13 AM EDT
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Artistic Collaboration of 'Miss Valentine', A Play!

Theater League of Clifton and the Clifton Arts Center are excited to announce their first artistic collaboration, a performance of “Miss Valentine”. The play written by Nadine Bernard of Glen Ridge, NJ, will be performed as a staged reading on Sunday, February 13, 2011, at 3:00 p.m. at the Clifton Arts Center, 900 Clifton Ave (Well Road), Clifton, NJ 07013.
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Bee Smart, Live Longer

It's well established (or at least there's a strong correlation) that intelligent people live longer. The explanation may be as simple (or as complex) as smarter people make smarter choices, such as in not choosing to smoke or to drink to excess.

But some scientists speculate there may be a biological reason, as well. To investigate the notion that greater intelligence leads to a longer life, they turned to honeybees.
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Resolving Your Resolutions

Q: Mr. Norris, do you believe in New Year's resolutions? Any advice for finally getting off the merry-go-round of failed resolutions? — Falling in Twin Falls, Idaho

A: One might think a week into the new year would be a week too late for an article on New Year's resolutions, but I believe success depends on "today." Let me explain.
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Do-it-yourself Green Jobs

Our buildings account for more than half of our carbon emissions, and three-quarters of the existing buildings will need to be renovated or remodeled in the next 20 years. We also have a small army of unemployed and underemployed contractors with tools just itching for something to do. What if these ingenious folks were put to work retrofitting existing buildings with energy-efficient upgrades?
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3rd Annual Jersey Cares Martin Luther King Day of Service

WHAT: The 3rd Annual Martin Luther King Day of Service will mobilize 2,000 volunteers in 15 New Jersey counties in over 40 service projects, including a project at the New Jersey Veterans Memorial Home in Paramus. Volunteers throughout New Jersey hope to embody Dr. King’s vision and bring people of all ages and backgrounds together to strengthen their community and bridge social barriers. At The 3rd Annual Martin Luther King Day of Service, volunteers will honor Dr. King’s legacy while displaying their own leadership skills as they play peace bingo and socialize with senior citizens who reside at the New Jersey Veterans Memorial Home.
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Chicago on the Potomac

No matter how you rearrange President Obama's inner circle, it still looks, smells and tastes like a rotten Chicago deep-dish pizza.
Ready for the latest topping on this moldy old pie? It's a possible chief of staff slot for Wall Street banker/lawyer/wheeler-dealer William Daley, brother of outgoing Chicago mayor/machine politics mastermind Richard M. Daley (also the former boss of White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett and first lady Michelle Obama), whose retirement paved the way for former Obama chief of staff and Chicago mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel. Phew.
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“Bats of New Jersey”


At the next meeting of the Bergen County Master Gardeners, Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey biologist MacKenzie Hall will give a presentation on" Bats of New Jersey".
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Single & Looking In 2011:

Rachel Russo
A Matchmaker/Relationship Coach’s Top 3 Resolutions To Help You Find Someone Date-Worthy By Valentine’s Day - By Rachel Russo, MS, MFT

Last New Year’s Eve, you raised your glass to finding love in the new year, but by this past December 31st, you would have settled for a cute, random stranger to kiss when the ball dropped. I know, I know, this year is going to be your year; but may I ask what you are planning to do to make that happen?
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New Offerings Create Largest, Most Diverse Lfi Conference In History

LIGHTFAIR International (LFI) is poised to offer 2011 attendees a program with the largest and most diverse educational opportunities it has ever presented—set to take place in the new 2011 location at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. The 2011 LFI Conference program has expanded to further align with topics addressed on the show floor as well as within the industry as a whole.
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China Demands Half Of Joint Ventures

Conducting interviews on this topic is the #1 New York Times bestselling author and the Senior Managing Director in the Financial Services Group at Gilford Securities as well as a senior staff writer for WND.com, Dr. Jerome Corsi.

Author Profile and Information, Click Here: http://www.redalert.wnd.com  

By Dr. Jerome Corsi
(c) 2010 RedAlert.WND.com

U.S. companies forced to accept 50-50 agreements

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